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cA70 Oct 14, 2003 3:53 AM

So if they round up 3.8 to 4, swhen will they6 start going into the 10's and round 6mp to 10?

If its just under, ie 3.8, round to 4, but if its just over, boast about it and put it on, 3.2!

Oleg Oct 21, 2003 8:20 AM

The difference between A80 and A70 is not only in the number of pixels. 3MP is enough for A4-size prints that can meet about any amateur needs. A80 has some other advantages that are more important from my perspective:

1. The rotating LCD screen, which is great for self-portraits for example, and it has a better resolution.

2. The four-way controller, that seems to be more comfortable than the four separate A70's buttons.

3. The two customizable modes on the mode wheel, that are great for experienced photographers.

4. The enlarged center of the frame in manual focus mode.

5. The 32Mb CF card in the bundle.

The disadvantages of A80 (beside the price) are it's bigger dimensions, weight, and for some reason absence of the A70's VGA movie mode. More here:

Personally, I like the VGA mode in my A70 and for me this (together with the price, of course:) overweights the advantages of A80.

flylow Oct 24, 2003 4:29 AM

Hopefully the redesigned camera/playback switch turns out to be an advantage. I have read about several other users having troubles with the one on the A70 getting stuck. Even though the author at at states "The final advantage of the A60 and A70 models is that the wheel for switching from play to record has become a button, which is too bad because the older version was better for this operation." I am hoping that the new design was a well thought out manufacturing decision resulting in improved reliability.

The other common complaint I have heard of is the built-in lens cover sticking, I hope that Canon redesigned the lens cover to be more reliable because I am ordering an A80 Monday.

A better VGA mode would be nice but I am not concerned about the VGA mode as I am buying the A80 for still shots not for a camcorder and IMO, since the "feel" of the camera is better than the A70 the additional size and weight is not important to me.

If I already owned an A70 I do not think I would consider selling it to buy an A80. If I thought I would be replacing it in a year or two I could not justify the additional 28%. But since I am hoping to be able to be using my A80 for much longer than most people do and if the A80 does meet my amateur needs (and does not bite the dust) for at least 5 + years I feel I can justify the additional cost. Yes, I plan on snapping pics with it long after it is obsolete.

BTW, this will be my first Canon product ever and I am excited about the purchase. I loaned my Nikon Coolpix 3500 digital to some friends and they dropped it and although it still works they insisted on buying me a new camera because of scratches and a broken plastic piece inside of the battery cover. They are buying the extra battery and some extra CF I had so upgrading to the A80 is only setting me back an additional $12. Now if I manage to learn how to take advantage of the manual features I will be way ahead. If not I think I will own a much better camera.

Oleg Oct 24, 2003 8:55 AM

If you don't care for the VGA mode and the extra price, I think, the A80 is the best choice. I don't really see much difference between the wheel and switch - I'm happy with the wheel though. I've never held the A80 in my hands, but from the pictures the design seems to improve compared to the A70, particularly the placement of the shutter button, not to mention the LCD screen and the four-way contoller, and the two customizable modes are just super - I wouldn't mind them in the A70. The automatic white balance in the A70 doesn't work well, I have to set it to Tungsten all the time I shoot indoors, so it would be very convenient to configure one of the customizable modes to shooting indoors, for example.

flylow Nov 14, 2003 6:02 PM


Originally Posted by Melboz99
Well I guess it's back to the dealer.

The next ovbious question is whether I will be able to trade up to the A80 or G3.

Did you ever get your camera fixed or replaced? Did you have to send it in for repair?

I am just curious if all turned out Ok for you.

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