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Default help with canon driver

Just bought two A80s, one for me and one for my mother in law. My MOL hasa dell computer with windows XP home operating system with 4 usb slots on the back of her computer, of which she has a printer/scanner/fax combo plugged into one slot, the infra red/rf receiver for her cordless mouse and keyboard in anothe slot, and the camera's usb cord in the third slot. I installed the software that came with the camra and the computer regognizes the camera but the software wont. The device manager says there is a problem with the driver, something along the lines of another version of the driver is already in memory with code 38 liste.

I called canon tech support. The guy said code 38 was a power issue. He had me unplug the printer and reboot the computer....whala...problem solved...sorta....now I have a disabled printer. When plugging the printer in I get the same message but this time on the printer. A reboot of the computer with them both plugged in reverts back to the printer being fine but the camera not able to function.

The power issue the canon tech rep mentioned was that the printer combo was drawing so much juice from the USB setup that there was only enough for the camera to be recognized but not function.

I don't understand why this problem exists, and what I can do to fix it so that I can have both camera and the printer hooked up and funtional at the same time.

Any help would be most appreciated.
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Maybe get an LPT cable for the printer? Or a CF card reader? I wonder if there is a Canon cable for COM port..
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Default Actually ... your problem is ...

... related to the amount of power available to your USB ports.

Although not commonly known, hile USB can be daisy chained almost endlessly for data purposes, that isn't true for power. What is happening is when you have everything plugged in, the USB ports on the motherboard do not supply enough power to run all the USB equipment. That is what the power error refers to and why unplugging the printer resolves the problem.

The best solution is to buy a powered USB hub from your local computer store. It will plug into the USB port on the Dell and provide four port access and will have a separate AC adpater to provide the power (instead of taking the power from the motherboard). This will enable you to run more USB powered devices and will place less of a power draw load on the PC itself.

Here are some examples of products that would do the trick:
D-Link powered USB1 Hub
D-Link powered USB2 Hub
Linksys powered USB1 Hub
Linsys powered USB2 Hub
IOGear powered USB2 Hub
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