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Could anyone please help me. I am shooting an object from approximately 25 feet away with a set of 3 novatron lights and I just cannot achieve the clarity I am looking for. The attached pic is indicative of the shots I am getting with my new Rebel. The object is approximately 25 feet tall and 20 feet long. I am elevated approximately 8 feet from the ground and I set my camera to manual focus with the focus set to infinity and the lens set at its widest setting (I think it is either 18 or 28. )

I bought this camera for my personal use, but work wanted me to shoot this picture. I am happy with the lighting, but the clarity is just not there. I have not had time to learn the camera because I was planning on learning it over the next month, but they would like a shot like this, but clear.

Anyways, I am a complete newbie with the cameras and know next to nothing about them, so if anyone could explain it, like they would to a complete novice, I would appreciate it.


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I would try to take it out of auto mode and then changing it so that it is only using the center focus point. Focus the center on the part you want clearest and then re-frame the picture before taking the picture. You are probably using auto mode, which uses all the focusing points and only approximates the focusing.
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IMO the picture is just fine, but you are lacking the Depht Of Field...
-> The lens at the widest setting is the problem: at wide opening the DOF is shallower. The more you close the aperture down, the more clarity you will get (ie more objects will be in focus). The problem is you're probably at the limit of the Novatron's

Since what you shoot is static you can use a tripod or rest the camera on some kind of support and set the camera on slower shutter speeds this will close down the lens aperture and increase the DOF so more objects will be in focus.

The other option is to increase the camera sensitivity by turning up the ISO, this will also have the desired effect of closing down the aperture for the same shutter speed. I don't know what your setting is since the Exif data is not in the attachment.

You can use the calculator below to find the "Hyperfocal distance" for your lens instead of setting it @ infinity: http://www.dofmaster.com/dofjs.html
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