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My beloved s110 recently bit the dust when I tried to upgrade the firmware in the camera. I called Canon to see about it getting repaired and they had two options for me, either pay $150 for my s110 to be repaired, or pay $200 and take advantage of what they called the Powershot Upgrade program (which they seem to have started this past week) With this I return my non-functioning s110 and they send me a refurbused s400.

I love the s400, except I kinda feel that I have practically been given a lemon as a camera. As far as I can tell everything function wise seems fine and the image quality seems to be far better than my old s400. It did seem to me like there was a bit of barrel distortion with the wide angle, but I guess that is to be expected. The reason I feel as if I had practically been given a lemon is that while the front of the case is the s400 case, the back of it is clearly the one from the s410 as it has a non-functioning direct print button on it. The seam on the top of the camera right above the optical viewfinder (where the front shell meets the back) also seems to be a little loose (about 2 pieces of 20lb paper), not really bad but just loose enough that you can see hwere the metal piece below it begins and ends. When you grip the camera on opposite sides of the power button (like you are going to take a picture) with a moderate grip you can physically push the two halves of the shell together and the process of doing so the shell makes a clicking noise like most products that have a loose seam do. Also the door of the CF card slot doesn't meet perfectly at the bottom, but neither did the door on my s110. My s110 seems solid as a rock and everywhere where two different parts came together the seam is as tight as it can be.

My main concern is duribility of a camera in this condition (a non-functioning button on the back) and a shell that is not perfectly re-assembled from the refurbushing. Is there a chance that the direct print button could break by being pushed in to far as there is nothing to stop it, or that pushing it in could damage a vital part of the camera. I am also concerned that the seam thing could get worse and also that dust can get into the body of the camera.

I called the rep for the Powershot Upgrade program, and after her speaking with a tech she told me that if there is nothing functionally wrong with the camera I have to live with the fact that it has an extra non-functioning button and a seam that does not meet completely. I can't return the camera as this is a final sale only program, and I must send my old powershot s110 in on monday or my credit card will be charged another $200.

Before agreeing to participate in this program, I was told that the camera woudl be refurbushed to factory specifications, but it does not seem to have been the case. Should I try and pursue anything further or are my worries unfounded. I understand that a refurbushed camera is not new (and have overlooked the minor scratch on the lcd screen), but it was not what I was expecting.

I greatly appreciate any advice anyone would be so kind enough to share, as I love my s400, but want it to last and continue taking beautiful pictures far into the future.

Also, what settings do people find are the best to take pictures of flowers?
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