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Hello, this is my first post. I've been into photography for a while. I've taken several courses and have some great pics both digital and 35mm. I'm a Canon fan, but there are several quirks that get under my skin. The A530 is my third Canon digital camera. I purchaced my first Canon digital in '99, a Powershot S10. My second was the Powershot S1 (which has a few maddening flaws that they fixed with the S2). I picked up the A530 for use while dirt biking. It was cheap and came with a free printer that is actually really nice.

There is one thing that drives me nuts about both the S1 and A530. They always default to single shot mode when turned on. I only use the Program mode and take the time to set the exposure I need. Both cameras take really nice pics, but I'm always turning them on and off and fumbling to switch to continuous mode in time to grab some fast action shots. There must be a way to set the camera to stay in continuous mode, but I cannot figure it out. Is there a mod or firmware update available to fix this? I con't understand why Canon designs these cameras to always turn on in single shot mode, especially when using P or M modes.

One other gripe about the A530 is the extremly slow flash refresh rate (I'm using quality NiMH 2500 cells). I wish the camera would take the first pic with the flash, then take a few more w/o flash until the flash was charged up again. As it is, the screen remains blank until the flash is charged, whiich seems to take forever. It would be cool to be able to take continuous shots with the flash firing on the first shot, and again when it was charged while the interim shots taken w/o flash. I know this is asking a lot, it's just a thought.

I realize a DSLR would solve all my gripes, but I'd never carry it for fear of smashing or dunking it. The A530 is the camera I carry the most due to it's small size, light weight and low cost. If it gets smashed it will suck, but not as much as ruining a DSLR or even the S1 (which takes amazing video BTW).

I really like the A530 btw, it takes amazing pictures for a $200 camera. I got a 1 gig SD card for $45 and I'm very happy with the combo. I wish it took better video, but I can always use the S1 for that. If anybody knows of a way to force the Canons to turn on in continuous shot mode I would LOVE to learn how.



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