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Eurastus Oct 28, 2003 4:38 PM

How do I write to the CF card so my Canon can read it?
I've got a Canon S400 writing to a 128 MB Lexar CF card. I have a few images I like to leave on the card. In the past, when I've needed to clear them off completely off to make room for a full day of shooting, I've used a CF reader to copy the complete DCIM subdirectory structure to my computer before I delete all the images. Later, when I want to put the "saved" images back, I copy the complete DCIM directory back to the CF card and I'm, good to go.

However, the other day, I needed to clear off the CF card without a CF reader with me (at the wife's can see I had no choice). I copied the images to the computer first using the usual USB method, but obviously could not get the *.CTG files (which I assume are the index files for the images themselves) from the CANONMSC directory.

Now, I want to put the images back on the CF card. I've copied a backup made several months ago back onto the CF but cannot find a way to re-create the proper .CTG file to allow me to add the images taken since the backup.

Is there a utility to do this?

Am I screwed?

Thanks much...

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