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I anticipate using my digital camera for a lot of outdoor landscape shots, architecture, and people in front of these on a 3-week trip to Hawaii (don't forget sunsets and night shots). I also anticipate doing indoor and outdoor portrait shots, and indoor and outdoor group shots. I also have two German Shepherds that I like to photograph. There will be action shots with the dogs, but otherwise, action is not a big priority. I won'tbe photographingchildren with any regularity. Macro mode is not particularly important to me, although it seems like a fun thing to start trying. I want as many manual controls as I can afford.

I am now choosing, I hope for the last time, between two cameras that, from my novice point of view, appear to be roughly comparable. I would certainly appreciate hearing if anyone thinks that they are not really as comparable as I now believe.

The most expensive Nikon and Canon that I can afford with some manual controls are the Coolpix 4300and Powershot A80, both at a cost of $500 Canadian. So, I am trying to choose between the two. I estimate the Canon will cost $70 more than the Nikon by the time I buy the extra memory and battery paraphernalia required.

I had been also considering the Olympus C-5000, but by the time I buy an extrabattery and additional memory card, I estimate that this would cost $100 more than the Nikon and $40 more than the Canon. I don't think this would be worth it for this camera. Does anyone think otherwise?

Does anyone have any advice for me as I try to make this decision? All advice willl be very greatly appreciated.

Thank you so much!
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I don't know much about the Nikon, but I just ordered the A80 from Amazon.com for $277.00 USD with about $10.00 USD shipping. It is a great deal and I have read rave reviews about the A80. I'd say, go with it. It has standard AA or rechargable AA sized batteries, so you'll never find yourself in a rut, its screen rotates, which is absolutely awesome, and it has Canon optics. Plus, is uses CF cards, which are cheap and reliable.

Good luck!

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cannon A80 is cool

Idid asomeresearch on nikon 4300 and cannon a80, the picture quality is better for A80 and u have more options.

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The A80 will do all you want and more. It's easy to carry and use,copes very well inall sorts oflight conditions and is better than most in low light. Most A80 owners use a minus 1/3EV setting as a defaultto improve colour saturation, otherwise it can tend to overexpose in bright light. There are 2 custom modes you can use to set up with whatever settings you want - many owners use one of theseas a "snap" mode which makes point & shoot action pics very easy. The swivel LCD is a real asset and I can't ever imagine buying a camera without one now. Have a look at my A80gallery which includesplenty of landscapes, architecture, pets, macrosand more: http://www.pbase.com/romy_uk

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