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Hello to everyone,

I noticed a number of people online, some on this forum as well, are having troubles with Canon cameras, with the E18 error.

Unfortunately, there seems to be a relatively large population of Canon owners who are affected by this error. It happened to my PowerShot A520 a couple of weeks ago, but fortunately, the camera was still under warranty so Canon fixed it free of charge.

So, I decided to build an informative web site about the E18 error and ways you can try to repair it yourself. In order for everyone to get a better understanding of the E18 issue, I will post some material on it here.

First I should explain what an E18 is. It is an error that involves the lens unit or lens cover. It can happen if you apply pressure to the area surrounding the lens while it is in the recording mode, or if sand or dirt get into the lens area. The lens gets stuck, you get a black screenwith a small "E18" sign, the camera beeps and shuts down.

So, it doesn't seem to be such big news after all, does it? If you don't take good care of your camera, that is, if you drop it while the lens is extended,or you let sand get into it, you will get an E18, right? Wrong! It seems that you can get it even if you take great care of your camera. This is why the E18 seems to be a bit bigger issue than expected. More people are coming up, posting on different forums, saying that they took good care of their camera, never dropped it, and still received the E18 error. People are implying that there is a design flaw in Canon cameras.

Is that true or not? Who knows. The important question is - how can you repair the E18 error? Basically, there are a couple of simple things you can try. I can not guarantee they will work for you, but Iknow that these experiences have helped some people get rid of their E18 problems. These are methods I gathered from a number of different resources:

1) Try compressed air. With a fine tip blow off gun and dry compressed air set the tip between the lens turret and the camera body and turn on the air while moving the tip around the lens. It should remove all dust and sand. Turn the camera on and it should function fine.

2) Second method is to tap the padded USB cover part on a hard surface, for example, a desk. As crazy as it sounds, it can help get the dirt out of the lens.

3) Last solution is to try and force the lens. This is the least preffered method. Try it only if the camera is out of warranty.

4) If nothing else works, there are a couple of online guides in different languages
for dismantling the camera and figuring out where the problem is. Try this only if
your camera is out of warranty! Some of them are:

http://menthol.hit.bg/E18.html - Bulgarian web site

http://www.artecdesign.ee/~jan/Kaame...A70/index.html - Estonian web site

They are not in English, but have a lot of pictures which should help with the whole process.

That's about it regarding the repair. Hope this helps.

If you need more information feel free to write to me, or stop by my site for more info. The address is http://www.e18error.com

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