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Old Mar 17, 2003, 2:05 AM   #1
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Default i just can't make up my mind between the g3 and the c-5050

i went everywhere and searched everywhere and it seems like they both average out the same. Thats what the problem is. I just cant make up my mind between these two and its killing me. Can someone please help in deciding which digital camera to get? Any replies would be greatly appreciated.
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I have a G2 and don't know much about the Oly but I really like the flipout LCD of the G2. For my purposes I find it extremely versatile in getting those pics in tight situations where I have to hold the camera high above people's heads, or low to the ground for a baby pic, or leaning off to one side to get a better angle. I started looking at the new dslr's announced in 2002/03 which don't have flipouts and have decided to stay with the flipout G2 for now, looking for the next generation G series 6 MB? with flipout LCD from Canon.

Good luck in choosing a camera...Harvey 8)
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Old Mar 17, 2003, 10:47 AM   #3
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I'm a Canon user (Powershot Pro90) and really like the Canon RAW file format. It's a lossless compression scheme that lets you edit several parameters (white balance, sharpness and saturation) after you save the file. The files are slightly bigger than JPGs, but much smaller than TIFFs used in most other cameras.
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Old Mar 17, 2003, 3:17 PM   #4
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I suggest you go try them both out. When you get them in your hands and try a few test shots of your own you may develop a preference.

I warn you, Olympus cameras are very addicting. It's like being on the inside of a well-kept secret when you own one of these under-appreciated jewels.
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Old Mar 18, 2003, 2:26 PM   #5
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I was in the same situation as you and decided G3 beacuse of the NOISE in Olympus. Some people say its not important but I cant stand it. But, even having decided G3, Im not 100% sure ( I havent purchased it yet), so good luck !! Find the positive and negative features of each one:

Oly c-5050:
Super Macro 3 cm
AA batteries
Multiple card slots

Noise or grainy photos
No RAW format (I think)
I had not any Olympus

Canon G3
No noise or grains
4x optical zoom
Battery Life (the best now)
I know canon menus (I had a s45) and fit my needs

A bit bigger than c-5050

So, in my case, c-5050 NOISE was definitive...

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Old Mar 18, 2003, 3:51 PM   #6
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Default Not an Easy Decision

I went through the exact same dilema. In the end I chose the G-3 for several reasons - all which have been detailed in just about any of the forums on the web. At some point you get to an information overload situation and you keep thinking that no matter what you buy it will be the wrong camera.

In the end what I found important may not matter to you, but I will say that I was pleasantly surprised to find that once I had bitten the bullet so to speak, I didn't look back. I haven't once asked myself whether the extra 1Mp, or slightly faster lens would make a difference to my shots. As difficult a decision that it is, you need to do the touch and feel, take a few of your own shots, and compare.

Your mileage may vary ...jww
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Old Mar 19, 2003, 9:43 PM   #7
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Have you held the G3 and looked thru the view finder? I suggest you do that if you haven't. The view finder fiasco was a deal killer for me. The noise issue with the C5050 is waaaaay over blown.

Get the C5050 and don't look back.
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