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I am having a hard time choosing between the Canon SD750 and the Sony DSC-W80... Both are similar, but the 2 main differences are that the Sony has an Image Stabilizer while the Canon doesn't... and the Canon has a 3" screen while the Sony has a 2.5" screen. As far as design, the Canon wins hands down. But I am unsure of which one has the best quality... People seem to like Canon quality better, but maybe the Image Stabilizer will make the Sony's pictures look more sharp. I take indoor and outdoor pictures as well as action shots occasionally. Which camera is best for me?
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These are debates that many avoid like the plague. It becomes a Ford vs Chevy, Coke vs. Pepsi, Yankees vs Red Sox, Captain Crunch vs. Lucky Charms debate. There is NO right or wrong answer. They are certainly both fine cameras. (Of course, with Japanese dominance, perhaps other examples may have been more appropriate.)

At some point, YOU have to decide which YOU feel the most comfortable with. Again, you won't go wrong with either.

Now, I am not saying that to belittle your concern. I'm replying because I found myself in the same type of debate for higher end DSLR cameras last year: Canon vs. Nikon. And, there was no way any one person, even across international forums like this could or would persuade in one direction or the other. At the time, laugh with me, Nikon users were more vocal with me while Canon users were more like, "Go try them out and decide." I had my own gut feeling I couldn't explain and ultimately made a choice. Not saying I didn't second guess that decision for a while.

A year later, I own the camera and have shot nearly 15,000 pictures with it. It's old news and I feel certain I made the right decision. Is that because I did, or because I committed to one or the other and just began learning to use it? Who knows?

For some input, I will offer this. I've seen AMAZING pictures out of Sony point and shoot cameras. AMAZING! That was the direction I was going to lean a few years back when I bought my Canon SD450. Got advice, even hard persuasion in retail stores on everything from Panasonic to others now probably out of business to Canon, Nikon and Sony.

I have NO complaints whatsoever about my SD450 and certainly your choice is already light years ahead in technology. The issue I would point out with Sony is their desire to keep everything proprietary. They make GREAT products but I, for one, refuse to adhere to their "format" control they have in nearly everything they do from memory cards to audio formats in mp3 players and boom boxes. Other than Apple, I can think of no other tech product where people line up to drink the Kool Aid and volunteer to be restricted by a particular format. And, as an iPod owner, which I DID NOT think was top to bottom the best mp3 player when I bought it, Apple was smart enough to include mp3 format capability. Otherwise, who knows if it would be the default "mp3" player on the market.

Why am I going into so much detail about format??? Friend bought a Sony laptop a few years back. Tiny! Sexy! Cool!!! First time he had to get a replacement part, hardly a year later, NONE AVAILABLE!!!! Sony had abandoned the line and he was S.O.L (and I don't mean the sun over Mexico.) Seems like most of those proprietary computer manufacturers are all gone now, come to think of it.

I for one, AVOID LIKE THE PLAGUE manufacturers that try to keep you restricted to their format. If I am not mistaken, all smaller Canon cameras still use SD cards. You could borrow an SD card in a pinch from almost anybody on the street now (phones, computers, mp3 players, cameras, EVERYWHERE!) Can't say the same for a Sony card.

Does Sony have it's own cables too? I have 1000 usb cables around the house now. Think of these things.

Am I selling you against Sony? NO WAY! They are into cameras BIG TIME, especially now owning the Konica Minolta lines. Just pointing out that concern.

Go with your gut. Go buy it. If you still can't, take in cards, shoot with the cameras, take the cards home and THEN make a decision. Borrow cards if you have to, but I bet you'll get your hands on an SD card quicker than a Sony.
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Hope I am just slightly covering my basis because when and if I upgrade from my S3 I will seriously consider a Sony but agreeably hate the memory card issue. I have 2 Sony lenses that would work well on the H series cameras that I currently use on my S3.

I have to admit to several negatives IMHO with the S3 and often wished I had gone the Sony. I think some of my negatives have been addressed in the S5 and hopefully the next model to come out will be even better.

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