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howiesimpson Aug 1, 2005 10:51 AM

Hey guys, new to posting here but it looks like a great crowd.

Anyone have this problem/suggestions for a fix?

My Canon's S400 mode dial is busted, so it's stuck in automatic mode. Granted that's more useful than say, being stuck in movie mode, but it's still crippling as I almost always shot in manual modetweakingvarious settings.

Now, the camera is otherwise in good condition -a few LCD smudges and such butotherwise perfect working order. Problem is, the camera is out of warranty andCanon would charge me $150 to send it an and have it refurbed, which isabout as much if not MORE thanthe S400commands today NEW.As well, if I buy a new one I receive a 1 year warranty with it, whereas if I fix the old one I have nothing protecting me if this or something else happens again.

Call me old fashioned, but the thing is less than 2 years oldand, back when it worked fully, met my needs in a digicam. I really don't want to buy a new one and throw this one out, it's so bad for the enviroment too, yet it makes no sense to repair it, and even replacing it with the same model is dumb compared to the spiffy new SD series that isn't that much more expensive if I'm spending $150 minimum already. I'm sure it's a 25 centpart and 20 minutes of labor to fix the stupid thing.

What do you guys think?



Voyager13b Aug 1, 2005 7:09 PM

How is the dial broken? Did it snap off, or does it feel right, and just not change modes?


howiesimpson Aug 2, 2005 9:24 AM

Hey Voyager13b,

Guess I might have clarified that a little better -the latter, it looks and feels just fine. Still in place, and the dial still "snaps" into each position as you turn it.

Just doesn't change the mode.


Voyager13b Aug 6, 2005 9:44 PM

Ouch. So much for being sure of what' broken :). Still, if you are adventurous, a Google search for a service manual turned up a the parts manual with exploded views of the S400 as a free download. The mode selector module seems pretty easy to get at. If it comes down to the thought of replacing the camera, rather than spending lots of money on repairing it, it might be worth the cost of a jewlers screwdriver set from Radio Shack to open the case using the diagram as a guide, and looking to see if the connector to the mode module came loose. Once in a blue moon, camera troubles can be that easy to find. Good luck!


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