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Default image qaulity of the g3 is no better than the g2?

I'm possibly getting a discounted G3, and didn't really think much about it 'of course it must be a better camera than the already great looking g2' but after seeing pics and reading user opinions it would seem in terms of image qaulity that the g3 has nothing over the g2 and in some cases actually produces a slightly more dull looking image?

i'm not too worried about extra features that I probably won't use and the extra macro since i can save $ by getting the g2 and buy some sort of add on macro lens that would do a better job anyway so now the tables have turned and I'm looking at switching my order to a g2 instead? :?

however first I wanted to get any opinions from people who have owned either or both on this image quality issue?
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I own both the G2 and the G3. I prefer in most cases the image of the G2. The G3 has a strong blue cast that shows up often, rendering white or pale objects pale blue. It also exhibits more purple fringing and ca around any bright lighting. There are workarounds, but that shouldnt be necessary. The push to blue means a cooler tone in general than the g2 s40 etc. The camera seems also not to have the dynamic range that the G2 does, producing a lot of very dark areas, bright areas, with little in between. Put this all together and you get a lot of blue cast, dull, dark shots with maybe some blue purple ca. In perfect conditions it does very well, but the G2 white balance and tone is more balanced. this is of course my opinion. Try to see as many shots as possible.
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In response to aorta: Wow thanks for the info I bought a G2 recently and am feeling smarter now .IMO it works great
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