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Although many great sharp pictures do get posted on these forums, I have noticed quite a few posts from people concerned about softness in pictures and some blurry images from their new cameras. Is this just a question of people needing to hold these new cameras more steady to get sharp pictures, or are the new processing algorithms in the larger megapixel cameras producing softness to reduce noise in the images, or is it just due to production variation and some new cameras may be from batches that didn't get very good quality control and are just "lemons"?
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I'm not sure, but holding the camera as steady as possible is a good idea. It depends a lot on what shutter speed and aperture settings are used. Focusing is important as well. A camera that's capable of focusing accurately is very desirable.

I think that the softness occasionally seen in photos taken by a reasonably good camera is probably due to wrong choice of settings or inaccurate focusing.
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There are so many variables it's hard to tell from resized pics on here as to the problems. Sometimes it IS user error, such as the photographer holding the camera rather wobbly, or something like that.

Also keep in mind no two cameras are alike. You could take four, 3MP cameras for example, set them up the same, take the same shot with each, and when inspecting the images closely, will most likely see different levels of quality with each photo. Each maker and each model of camera uses different lenses, different amounts of compression in their images, etc. You can get a range of good to bad photos from cameras that have the same technical specs.

This is a good reason to visit Steve's site here, as well as the other review sites before buying - consistant reviews will help you learn the good models from the not up to par models.


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