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Default Indoor shots of people with S45?

Can someone with an S45 share some info on how this camera handles indoor shots of people (red-eye, focusing, overall image quality, etc.) in a not-so-complicated mode (preferrably auto, not too much tweaking)?

Thank you!
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Default Indoor shots of people with S45

Hi Nora,

Don't own an S45 myself but here are a few general tips you could use in taking your pictures.

Have your main light source behind you if you are using light coming in from a window. If you are using indoors tungsten lights, then switch then all on so all the dark corners in the room are lit up. Stand at least 5 to 6 feet away from your subject, further if it is a larger group of people. I don't know the focusing system on the S45 but if it is the same as the Canon A40, then in Auto Mode press the shutter button down halfways and wait for the three green squares to appear on the lcd. The camera will then beep twice to let you know the focus, exposure and white balance have been set (hopefully!). Then press the shutter button down all the way and take your picture. Try to hold the camera steady and not move it as the focus distance has now been set. Let me know how you get on with these settings.

Rimbo 8)
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