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Default Infra Red possible on A70?

Hi all. I just bought the A70 online and have yet to recieve it in the mail. Just thought I would find out something I've wondered about since I read that it can take the standard 52(?)mm filters after you get the adapter ring. As I understand it, all a digital camera needs to take IR photos is some kind of filter. But is this all it needs? Does the CCD need to be sensitive to IR? Is the A70's CCD sensitive to IR light?

It's not the most important thing about the camera in my opinion, but boy, would it be great!

Any usefull insight would be much appreiciated,
Thanks in advance,
Dan O.
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some cameras have cutoff filtering in the ccd that would not allow for IR work. a simple way to see it it would work is point your TV remote (it usually being an IR type transmitter)at the lens from a reasonable distance say 4-5 ft and hit and hold a button. on the screen on the back your camera you should see a pinpoint light coming from your remote that you can't see normally. that means it is sensitive to IR light. as to what level and its cutoff that is a mystery but relative brightness generally means wider bandwidth. no light no good.

my 1Ds- NG only very faint light
C5050z- about the same NG
D7Hi- real bright but center circular light anomoly prevents its use. i believe it has to do with the AF.
the original D7 is beautiful for IR
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Thanks for the Tip!

Too bad I have another week yet before it arrives. Unless I'm really lucky and it shipped on Friday, in which case it will arrive this friday.

Aghh, the wait is terrible! (Though I do believe it is worth the $100!)
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