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Ant Nov 20, 2004 11:22 AM

I really like the look of this camera because of it's features, speed of operation, LCD size, 30 fps videoetc but I'm a little concerned about the reported picture quality.

I currently have a Nikon Nuvis A20 APS film camera, which I've had for about 7 years. I tend to use ISO 200 films and only print in 6x4. I've no idea how the quality of this camera compares to anything else, It is just a standard autofocus point-and-shoot with no fancy features,but have always been happy with the quality of the prints I get from it.

Has anyone beengetting 6x4 prints "developed"from an Ixus 40/SD300 or Ixus 30/SD200? What are they like? Are they likely to be of poorer quality than my old film camera as described above?

teddyt Nov 23, 2004 5:56 PM

Well i haven't got an ixus 40, but i borrowed a sample pic from the net and on canons website you can 'try before you buy' on photo printers. so i asked them to print this sample photo and it came back 6X4 and the quality was superb (even printed from a printer, not a photo lab) that's all i've got to go on really, but was very impressed. have gotan ixus 40 on order now.

hope this helps, maybe try it yourself to see!


Ant Nov 25, 2004 1:50 PM

Thanks. Actually, the same thing occurred to me after I posted that message. I downloaded some sample photos from web reviews of the Ixus 40 and Ixus 500, burned them to a CDR and had themprinted using a kiosk at my local Boots.

When I had previouslycompared them on my 17" monitor, viewing them full size and examining the details, the difference in quality between these two cameras was apparent. However, when looking at the 6x4 prints I really couldn't tell the difference. One of the Ixus 40 shots was used to demonstrate the purple fringing problem and again I could see it on my monitor but not on the print, even thoughI was specifically looking for it.

I suspect if these photos were blown up very large, A4 or larger, the quality difference would start to be noticable (but again only if examined closely rather than viewed at a distance). As far as I'm concerned though, for my purposes, the quality of the prints is excellent.

My mind is now made up tobuy the Ixus 40.

teddyt Nov 28, 2004 5:15 PM

good to hear it. lets hope we're both happy! i think a lot of the talk about purple fringing and blurriness in corners is a bit out of proportion. maybe if you were wanting pro quality images it would be a problem, but its obv not a pro camera! its pocket size and as far as i'm concerned the quality is excellent, ok if u compare in detailwith the S500 for e.g its gonna be a bit worse,but its over half the size!!

take a look at the sample pics from it here

shows what it could be capable of in the right hands!

lemondster Nov 30, 2004 1:23 AM

i work at an electronics store and i print out my photos all the time and to tell you the truth, you wont see much of a difference between a 2 megapixel camera and a5 mp camera on the printsize 4x6.

i have had both the S500 and the SD300 and the printouts look the same even at 8.5x11

teddyt Dec 2, 2004 2:57 PM

That's quite good to know! i've just bought the SD300. What's the biggest you've printed out on this camera? Have you gone to A4 or above???

thx, Eddie

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