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Hi Folks,

I bough IXY 80 which to my understanding is equivalent to sd630. I'm extremely happy with this camera as it takes really good pictures and there are enough of settings to keep me happy.

However recently I started printing some of the pix and I noticed that they are being cropped. I was informed that it is because of my aspect ratio, but I don't see how as i'm not taking panoramic, wideangle, or postcardpictures at all. All the pictures that I take I'd like to print them off in standard 4x6 format.

Is this aspect ratio known issue with this camera?? am I doing something wrong?

On my last trip I kept it very simple and automatic. The setting were as follows:

Setting: Auto
Quality: Fine
Size: M1 - 2272x1704

And that is all. When I printed the pix they were cropped once again. I print my pictures at Walmart as price is good and quality is good enough for my satisfaction.

I would really appreciate any comments or feedback regarding this. Thank you in advance.

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The aspect ratio of the photos you want to print is 6:4 ie 1.5:1

Your camera ( and mostcompacts ) take pictures with a ratio of 4:3 ie 1.333:1

So the photos need to be cropped to fit the 4x6s (or else you get ugly white borders)

The answer is simply to crop the photos before printing either on your computer or on the machine in walmart ( i assume you are using a self service machine?, it should have basic editing functions)

Your computer may have software inbuilt to do cropping and basic fixes, or there are dozens of freeware programs available for the PC such asIrfanview, or the various Faststone programs.

Also read


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Old Sep 26, 2007, 10:44 AM   #3
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As Sintaris said, your camera's ratio is 4x3 or 1.33 to 1. This is the same ratio as standard TV screens and computer monitors (i.e., non-widescreen). Standard sizes for prints are 4x6, 5x7, and 8x10 (and larger). Each print size has a different aspect ratio, and none of them match the camera's ratio.

4x6 is 1.5:1 which is quite a bit more rectangular than 1.33:1
5x7 is 1.4:1 which is a little bit more rectangular than 1.33:1
8x10 is 1.25:1 which is a little bit more squarish than 1.33:1

So my advice is that when you are taking pictures, leave a little bit of space around your subject so that when you are printing you can crop the picture to the desired format without having to cut off too much of your subject.

Once or twice I saw someplace that would print pictures in 4x3 format, but then you can't buy albums to put them in.
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Old Oct 1, 2007, 8:07 PM   #4
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Thanks for the comments. That is something that I totally did not expect and really disappoints me :-(.

Is this aspect ratio 1.333:1 common with digital cameras? Would SD630 have the same aspect ratio as IXY 80?

If there are other cameras that have correct aspect ratio(for 4x6 printing)I'll be in a market to buy a new camera. My last Trip I've taken nearly 2000 pictures and created an album of almost 300 pix. So to crop all of them now... wow...It would be way too much work.

Any comments will be appreciated!
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Just last question regarding this topic. Is there a firmware that changes this aspect ratio to 1.5:1?

Please let me know if you know?
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