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kabrnak Aug 26, 2003 8:02 PM

I would like to know as a new to digiphoto, if there is a way to avoid or at least lessen the jaggie effect. I am using canon powershot A 60 and am very pleased with it's performance.

Melboz99 Aug 27, 2003 12:22 AM

As long as you keep you prints at 8x10 or under, and don't crop your 8x10s except for perportional cropping, you should be fine.

When you are cropping, remember to keep your images at 150ppi or greater. PPI is the acronym for Pixels Per Inch. It is found by dividing one pixel dimension by the corresponding print dimesnsion. For example, you have 1600 by 1200 pixels on the A70. When you print that on a 4x6, the 1200 gets cropped, thus we measure PPI by the length. 1600/6 = 266ppi. This will provide a very good print. In fact, anything over 300ppi should be lowered back down to 300 to ensure top quality on a home print. This is because the average printer will not print anything more than 300ppi, so anything over that will be automatically downsized. When a printer does this it often does a poor job.

I hope I have given you a better understanding of PPI,
Dan O.

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