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Default just bought a canon g5---

had a hard time deciding between the nikon 5400 and the sony v1. finally bit the bullet and went canon. opted for the g5 over the g3, was only a little bit more, and even though the are very similar, and the 5mp has shaky reviews, ops: i hate to admit it but i actually liked the pictures done by the g5 that i have seen, and want to print larger than 8"x10". did i make a huge mistake opting for the g5 over the g3? i know everyone has there own opinion and all, but i'm a big boy i can take some negative feedback. also any tips from g5 owners, as to what to watch out for, or any insight on how to get the most out of this camera, i would greatly appreciate it. thanks in advance.
:?: j.h.
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the only thing you have to look for is the blooming. There are big differences between the G5's. Take some shots with a big contrast, open aperture and max. Zoom and look for the blooming (blue areas around the bright areas of the pic.
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I'm about ready to buy a G5 and I have not seen anything mentioned about "blooming". Could you explain more. Is this something where you just need to tweak settings or are some units defective?

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Another name for the effect (not a desired one) is chromatic abberation (CA). This is common with most digicams; some worse than others.

An example is: http://www.dcresource.com/reviews/ol...C170010-pp.JPG

You can see on the far right and left sides at the lights where this effect occurs. To combat this, use a larger aperature.
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get the wide and the tele converter lenses
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j.h. Take shots in RAW mode, and I hope you will note a major improvement. I did.
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