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Default Just got S50 - please critique my photo! :)

Hello all!

Well, after much indecision, I finally went for the S50. And what do I think? I love it! It is the most amazing camera. I'm starting to learn the manual controls, and I wonder how I ever did without them.

I've been taking practise shots this morning, and I have one I'd like to show. The apple and the flower are untouched (except for a little sharpening) - the background has been desaturated nearly completely, a slight red tint run through it, and then a Paint Daub filter. I will include a small resize of it here, but I'll also link to the full one - I just want you to see the detail on the apple. The S50 is some camera!

Here is a link to a medium size version:

I would welcome any constructive criticism, as I consider myself a beginner.

I have a few questions too:

1. I prefer to use the 'P' mode, because I can access all the Function options then. However, I cannot set the focus to Auto Focus, which I would need to do if a friend was using the camera - but I wanted to set it to a particular white balance setting first, for example. Is there any manual mode where I can do all the presetting I want, and then it will shoot in Auto Focus?

2. I experimented setting the focus myself, by pressing the 'Set' button and moving the box around the photo. However, when the camera is in Auto Focus, it quite frequently shows several boxes across the screen. Is there any way for me to manually focus on more than one point?

Thanks everyone.
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Hmm...not much to critisize. This will be in the small department

1. I'll clone away the small black part in the top of the shot.
2. I don't like the red tone on the grass - this should be pure BW. I looks a bit odd, because the apple has that tone too.
3. maybe I would straightend up the tilting horizontal line. I know that the line may have had this leaning toward the left, but I think it would bring more focus to the actual eyecatchers...
4. Since the foreground didn't get the same blur( because of your f.stop setting and focusing), that the background I would add some blur in PS, to get the focus total.

This is what I like.

1. I especially like the thought I got looking at the "dying" apple and the flower in blossom. Life and dead (big words huh...) But I did.
2. the composition is very good. You sort of cut the pic into two halfs with the corner to corner line...across the shot.
3.Nice perspective.

Sorry I don't know your digicam, I can't help you on your questions.
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The detail on that apple is amazing. I'm seriously considering getting an S60 to replace my non-working Minolta S404.
I can't really critique the picture becuase I don't know much about photography, I'm a total amatuer who likes to take all the pictures at family parties and weddings.
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At first I considered it an amazingly crisp looking pumpkin. Okay. Fall is in the air.

I just love the apple, but found the flower and bland grass distracting. However, I don't claim to be able to articulate good composition. I just know what appeals without being able to explain why.
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Default s60?

I've recently got myself an s50 also.

If you want to acheive this concept of multiple focus points, you might want to read up a little on 'depth of field'
You can control what will be in focus, by adjusting you aperture.
and the S50 has manual focus, and macro mode, so you have complete control.

The multiple green boxes you see are also likely to be related to the exposure metering, and not specifically the focus,

I don't believe there's a manual way of setting multiple focus points. But you don't really need that, if you go the manual route.

As for the picture.. it's missing one important thing.. a caption..
"Best Before October 1906" ?
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