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I just got a used S400 on ebay.

At the moment, I need to purchase an extra battery and larger CF card.

Can anyone give me some tips on the S400? This thing didn't come with the manuel or CD. I doubt I need the software from Canon, anything important on it? I don't use the USB cable either, since I have a card reader attached to the computer.

WOuld it be a good idea to purchase a generic battery from Ebay or should I stick with the expensive Canon manufactured one?

Any other photography/feature tips for the S400? I only know the basics. I've seen some people take some really close up shoots with something called Macro. How do I do that? Thanks.
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You might be able to download the manual in pdf format from the Canon site.

The macro button is on the left circle cluster button (little flower/mountains next to it) flower is for macro- mountains for landscape. You probably need to shoot off a tripod or with the slow sync flash on. (lightning bolt button switches flash types).

The bottom button in the 4 way circle cluster switches camera from continuos (keeps shooting at about a shot a second) as long as you keep holding down the button. It also switches to your timed shot.

On your menu I would turn off AiFi - it seems to focus best without the "artificial intelligence" focusing- turns out the camera isn't that smart.

Your wheel switches from auto/manual/video/panorama modes. If you want to do panoramas (long stiched together several shot pictures) you just start to the left- rotate a little right and keep taking shots- but you will need the canon software to stich them all together in one photo.

You can have a lot of fun without ever leaving auto mode with this camera- but if you want to get the most out of it- you may want to see if you can come up with a manual.

I buy the $8 batteries off ebay and have never had a problem with them. Canon recently warned everyone they would not honor their warranty or guarantee the user's safety if they chose to use non Canon batteries. It seems that (especially if you drop or damage the battery) there are no safety guards in place on the cheaper batteries to keep them from overheating and splitting- although I;ve dropped mine and never thought it was any warmer than normal or about to explode or anything. I'm sort of in that "I'm cheap enought to spend $8 instead of $56 on something and if it ruins my camera I will learn my lesson then- but not until then". It's up to you and I honor no warranty on your actions and can not be held responsible for your safety.
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Thanks, I managed to get the manuel on PDF. The software wasn't on the support page, only updates to it.

Yeah I found the Macro button. Another question, some people from the pictures I've seen, managed to take pictures of objects close up really well. For example, some of the pictures of flowers or bugs are magnified with great details. How can I produce the same effect. I've tried zooming to an object, but the digital zoom makes things blurry. I also set it to macro. What else would I need to do?

Here's an example taken from someone who uses a S400, attached. I want to know how can I achieve that?
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