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First day out shooting a couple days ago, I attached the lens cap cable to the camera at what I thought was a reasonable tight fit. Evidently not as I was leaning out over the San Antonio River at the Riverwalk, and caught just a glimpse of the cap dropping through the murky water.

Since I'm used to having a Lens Hood on my old Dimage, I went ahead and ordered the Lens Adapter/Hood Kit for the S2 IS, and got that last night. Hood fit securely on the adapter, and both fit just fine on the S2. I then tried out the flash, and as noted elsewhere, you do get a shadow with the Lens Hood on.

However, either the Lens Hood isn't meant to come off the adapter, or there's a trick in removing it, or I somehow subtly cross-threaded it. Because neither my wife or I can get the Lens Hood off the adapter using our hands, and I'm loath to get out a pair of pliers given the likelihood of damaging the Lens Hood.

Since the Hood and Adapter come off the camera easily enough with the Lens Ring button pushed, I don't see this as a major problem at the moment. It's definately protecting my lens, and I'm sure will give me a bit nicer shots in full sunlight situations. However, if I ever get the Teleconverter or a filter, I'm wondering if those are designed to fit on the threads inside the hood, or if I need to plan on buying a second kit and not put the hood on it this time.

Please let me know,

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OK, am I really the only person to have bought the Canon adapter, or just the only person who can't figure this out? :-)

FWIW, I'm doing ok with just leaving it on, and then taking the whole thing off briefly for flash shots. However I do have a trip planned for Colorado at the end of July where I'm going to be tempted to get the additional reach of the add-on lens. So would like to know if I need to budget the extra dollars or not for another adapter.

Thanks again,

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I had the same problemtrying to remove the lens hood. After much frustration I discoveredthat it can be removed by pinching the edge of the lens hood between the indexfinger and thumb and twisting it counter-clockwise rather than placing the thumb andfingers around the edge in an attempt to remove it. Your filters will then fit on the end of the adapter and a lens cap of the same size can be placed over the filter.

Hope this helps.
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I cant say that I have had the same issue here, but I do know that if you were looking to get a second adapter for whatever reason, Newegg.com has just the adapter for a lil under 20 bucks. I am currently looking into a teleconverter for the S2 myself, and cant exactly deside on the Olympus TCON17 or the Canon one that is meant for the S2. With the TCON17 tho, there would also have to have a step down ring. But as far as the lens hood, yea, it can feel a lil stiff to remove, but I cant say I have had anything really questionable with it.
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