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Daellis Jul 22, 2008 2:59 PM

I repair digital cameras as a side job, mostly Canons and I have run into a recurring problem with the larger body and lens size cameras.

The issue I'm running into is the lens is erroring out, giving the "Please restart camera" error message. Yet when I break the lens down, clean the gears, make sure everything is working correctly and is not broken, I found, almost 100% of the times, the lens has a fluid motion, the gears are clean and the lens works perfectly if I manually move the lens.

Yet when I reassemble the camera, and turn the camera on, the lens extracts to its full extension, then sits and it sounds like the gears are spinning, the lens might move slightly, then errors out. Restarting the camera will only produce the spinning gear sound, and the error.

The question I am having, since this mostly happens on the larger body cameras and not on the smaller ones (SD200, 300, 400, 630, 1000) is there a switch or a sensor that senses the position of the lens and is required to be tripped, or calibrated before the lens is recognized by the camera as functional?

If there is, and if there is a way to adjust and fix this issue, I would be much grateful to find out how!

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