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soccermom7975 Apr 10, 2007 7:50 PM

I have a S3 and love it. I would like to purchase a telephoto and wide angle lens for my camera. I am new to this and have looked all over the forums for just the right set up. My problem is I don't understand all of the sizes etc that I need. I am looking at the Canon, Raynox, Sony & Oly Tcon for telephoto. Do I go 52mm or 58? I am sooooo confused. I will be using this mainly for outdoor sport shots, scenic pic and pics of my kids. Thanks in advance for your help!


davidp Apr 10, 2007 9:24 PM

I just finished acquiring my tele- and wide angle-converters for my S3IS. After exhaustive reading, here's what I came up with...

For the tele-converter, the hands down bestconverter is the Nikon TC-E15ED. The Sony 1758 is good, but the Nikon clearly yields a superiorIQ. There are two problems however...

First, Nikon no longer sells them, so you need to get one off ebay. I just bought mine for about $97, including shipping. The average price for this lens on ebay over the past month or so is about $114 (incl. shipping). I saw one go for as high as $150.

Second, it has 50mm threads. So you will need to obtain one or two step rings to convert from the lens adaptor. There are several sites that sell the appropriate sizes. I used pemaraal (

Regarding the wide-angle, I made an unorhtodox choice: the Canon WC-DC58N. This lens is sold for the G7, not the S3IS. Many folks have gone with the Raynox 6600. The DC58N provides clearly superior IQ. No doubt about it. But there are three downsides. One,there is slight vignetting at the widest setting. Two, barrel distortion is substantial. Three, this is a large converter and the on-board flash produces a wide shadow with it.

However, the first two problems are readily solved in PP; and the third one is solved by using a slave flash (which is typically needed anyways in my opinion). So for me, the IQ drove me to the DC58N.

Finally, I went with the 58mm adaptors becasue of the Canon wide angle converter.

Hope that helps. There are tons of threads out there with lots of info on converters. You'd do well to spend a week reviewing them.


pugs95 Apr 11, 2007 11:23 AM

I have some S3 comparsion pics taken last monthusing the Nikon tc-e15ed and Sony vcl-hd1758 @

soccermom7975 Apr 11, 2007 12:05 PM

Thanks very much for posting these. It really helps to be able to see the quality of them. I appreciate it!


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