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captain_fantasy May 6, 2003 1:41 AM

lightweight presentation tool

im a professor at a university and i frequently give presentations. i first used powerpoint, then images via a slideshow program - all through a laptop. a very old and heavy laptop. so i was thinking....

i have a canon s110 and was wondering if anyone knew the parameters of the jpeg images that i can write directly to the cf card, and output thru the av cable.

i tried a straightforward change name "IMG_2442.JPG" in the correct directory and it didnt work. some images had the preview but file format was not valid. so instead of trying every combination, i was wondering if anyone knew the parameters of loading images to a cf card that would be viewable from the camera?

i have photoshop 7.0 and irfanview so i can do batch conversions of almost every type.

can anyone help?

i fractured my clavicle three times and dislocate my shoulder on a weekly basis. not luggin my laptop will be of much benefit. my shoulder will thank you!!

NHL May 6, 2003 5:08 AM

I guess you've have used Irfanview and aware of preserving Exif content then... May I suggest you a PDA?

Looking for the perfect solution for making presentations? Then you need the Toshiba Pocket PC Expansion Pack! This single unit allows you to edit your notes and prepare your slides, then connect our PDA to a projector to complete your presentation directly from your Toshiba Toshiba Pocket PC...

The e740 is on clearance right now... 8)

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