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Default Looking for advice: G5 vs Digital Rebel

I've been reading reviews here and else where on both cameras and can't make up my mind.

Right now I'm an novice photographer and find myself using the auto mode alot on my S200. I have a new baby and want to upgrade to one of these cameras to take bigger pictures. My wife agreed to either. The biggest picture I plan to print is an 8x10

Will the G5 let me take the pictures I want plus allow me to learn more about photography and become better at it or will the Digital Rebel better suite my needs.

My main concern is I don't want to spend the money for the digital rebel and feel its over kill nor do I want to get the G5 and feel it lacking and wishing I had gotten the Digital Rebel

My other problem with getting new digital toys is my luck has been they usually go on sale a week or so after I get them.

I also have to get it from amazon since I have $175 in gift certificates.

Any advice is appreciated.
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i'll be waiting until after PMA is it?

some rumor about a 8MP Canon G5... probably not true but I'll see what comes of the show.
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There are supposedly rumors going around about a new addition to Canon's PowerShot line (it won't be called a G5, of course).

I just purchased a G5 ($535 w/ s&h & insurance from Ebay - brand new). The prices have come down recently since there will likely be a new release, and had I been more patient I probably could have waited a bit longer and paid a little bit less. But, my guess is that the G5 isn't going to drop too much more in price, based on the current pricing of the G3 (it's only a little cheaper than the G5).

I have no experience with the Rebel, but I did a lot of research on the G5, and decided it fit my needs. I have very little knowledge/experience of cameras, but I wanted a camera that had a lot of features/flexibility so that I could learn. The G5 seems to fit that bill nicely. Probably the only things I dislike about it (so far) are the size (it's a little bigger than I wanted, but not too big. It's definitely not a pocket camera), and the existence of chromatic abberations in some shots (i.e. I took a pic of my Christmas tree, and some of the ornaments ended up with purple fringing -- though, perhaps it's partly my fault because I'm not an experienced photographer, and with time I'll learn how to overcome some of this with the camera).

I'm happy with my purchase, and expect to get a lot of use out of my G5. As I said, it's very feature rich (in my opinion) and can accept different lenses, flashes, etc. Being a 5 megapixel camera, it will easily print out 8x10 photos for you. It will allow you the flexibility to shot in Auto mode, or other pre programmed modes (like portrait, night, etc. as well as two slots for making your own modes). But, if you want full manual control, you can have that too with the G5.
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Old Jan 28, 2004, 11:04 AM   #4
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I have a G2 and the Digital Rebel. While not the G5 you're asking about I'll contribute a few thoughts. The G2 is close enough to the G5 that the reasoning is the same.

With a new baby I'd go with the G5 and 420EX flash. Most of your shots will be of 'the baby and mom, the baby and dad, the baby and etc.' Most of those will be indoors and you'll get much better shots with an external flash than using either of the built-in flashes. You'll have less red eye and by bouncing the flash off a ceilling I've found that it upsets the child less. A straight on flash in eyes soon causes upset in little kids.

Additionally the G5 is easier to use by novices over an SLR. They can compose the shot using the LCD screen, the rebel does not give you this option. I have very few shots of me with my infant son because my wife couldn't use my camera, she's had no problems with the G2 and she prefers it to my rebel.

The G5 is smaller which is nice when travelling with all the gear little ones need. I've packed mine in the stroller on many occasions just in case something interesting occurs.

Downsides - all of the P&S type camera have one big weakness vs. an SLR - there is a delay between pressing the shutter release and the actual taking of the picture. It's pretty hard to get good shots of kids on swing sets with my G2. The rebel blows it away in this regard.

The G series is pretty good for learning on - it has Av, Tv and M modes, although using them is easier on the rebel.

The G series also takes those short mpeg movies - I've only used this feature a few times but for sending video to far away relatives it's a nice thing to have.

Given that in 18 months the Rebel (or replacement) will be cheaper I'd suggest you get a G5 and flash then upgrade when your baby begins running around. You'll be able to reuse the flash, the battery and memory. That was my plan and it's worked well.
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Default Issue with G5

I had the G5 for a few days. I bought it as a replacement for my Dimage 7HI which I had some support issues with. When I started taking pictures inside, they were great. The colors were right on and the detail was very clear. Just what I expected. The first outdoor photos were also very good. The pictures were in focus, great detail and actually very little noise. After using it a few days however I found an issue. When I was in a shaded area and taking picutures of a sunny area with a lot of contrast, the pictures had a light blue haze that blurred the images. It looked kind of like fog. It could just have been the camera I had but when I went to a dedicated Canon site http://www.photography-on-the.net/forum/ I found others that had the same issues. Its not in any reviews I am aware of so it may have been something isolated with a certain group of cameras. I sent mine back to the vendor before the return time was up so I didn't have a chance to work with Canon to see if it was just a issue with my camera.
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