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Default looking for a good quality compact... S95? other?

Well since both my current Powershots (S1&S5) kicked the bucket this year I have no cameras except an old 1.3 that I cant find my smartmedia card for and my crappy 2mp cell phone. For a long while I have wanted to get into SLR and I think I have decided too... just cant afford it right now. Now with the dSLR I'll need a compact also since I wont want to bring it everywhere, plus something for the wife to use.

I have only really ever followed the S1-5 series so I dont know much about the others, but I want to get something more compact than the superzooms. My main interest is in image quality (sharpness, less than ideal lighting, etc). Second would be durability and weatherproofness if there is such a thing.

I glanced over canons website and it seems like maybe the S95 is there nicest compact offering? I gasped a bit at the price, but figured manufacturers price is always higher than online so I checked a few places including amazon and they were ABOVE MSRP WTF! I dont think I want to pay over $400 for a compact, especially one taking on kayak or mountain trips.

So I would like to turn it over to you all to recommend what else would be a great compact camera. I'm not too worried about zoom this time, more concerned with quality, especially taking scenery shots while in the mountains or on the river. If I had to say what price I'd be willing to spend, maybe around $300 would be good for starters. I'm not fixed on canon, especially after my previous two died, but figured I'd start my look here.
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The s95 is a great camera, nice and compact. If you want something with the same level of image quality, you will need to look at a bit larger compact. Like the olympus xz1 or panasonic lx5. They all have good low light ability for a point and shoot with the larger 1/1.63 sensors. And big aperture lenses for low light. F2.0 with the canon and panny, F1.8 with the oly. The oly it the better low light as the zoom range has the largest aperture through out at f1.8-2.5. While the canon goes form F2-4.9.
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I bought a Canon G 12. It's the big brother to the S95. I find I can shoot it on automatic...or use all the settings and buttons ...which are similar to my DSLR and really get into the business of photography.

It's pricey, but I'm very happy with it. I carry it around on a daily basis.
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I use Nikon for my DLR needs, but for my P&S needes, I use a S90 (preceded the S95) and am very pleased. Great IQ, compact. You may be able to find a S90 for less than the S95.
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Originally Posted by mInDtrIP View Post
I checked a few places including amazon and they were ABOVE MSRP WTF!
I've read that the demand for the camera is more than Canon expected. Dealers can't get all they want to order, enough people want the camera bad enough to pay over MSRP rather than wait.

I understand. Picked mine up last Oct 3rd for MSRP. Have shot over 2600 photos since then. Being retired helps explain part of that output. Getting back into photography after an 18 year absence (after my Nikon SLR kit was stolen) with such an amazing camera explains most of it.
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Thanks for the suggestions fellas, and sorry I didnt reply sooner, I dont get on this forum that frequently and busy with all the spring projects. I'll look into the few other mentioned above.

Out of curiosity is there any other P&S that would take the same 58mm filter adapter that I have for my dead S5? I've got a nice CP for it and a couple other filters, and a macro lens (but that one is at least adjustable for different sizes).
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You could get the G12 (or a G11) and add the Canon FA-DC58B filter adapter to use 58mm filters without worrying about vignetting. The adapter zooms in and out with the lens.


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