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I'm looking for a good low light camera with a fast continous shot mode.
My Panasonic camera will take and record about 35 frames - 4MP every 20 sec. but it's not verygood in low light. I really don't want to replace it, but would like to get another camera to go with it for the low light stuff. Fuji has several with ISO of 800 & 1600 that take great photos, but they are unacceptably slow in continous mode, about 5 frames in the same 20 sec.
Does anyone have suggestions?

Thanks, Don
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I took some of my monster trucks in continous.. the conditions were poor.. Dimly lit stadium, smoke, dust, etc... I have the S2


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I may be swayed by my own choice (I just bought a Canon S2 IS) but try to read the review by Steve. This camera scores good on some fronts and bad on others.

Of the good points, the high lights are:

- movie function

- ability to take pictures in low light (2-3 stops below normal without shaking) due to Image stablizer and the good zoom

- very very fast speed in continous shooting (rated among the best)

The only draw back you should consider is the S2's rather poor performance (noice) at higher ISO levels, but this you should be able to compensate for to some extend with the image stablizer (eg stay with lower ISO levels).

Maybe someone with a lot of experience with the S2 can chime in ?
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I don't know much about this camera, but the Fujifilm FinePix E900 is supposed to have usable ISO up to 800. From Steve's review:
"The E900 also has a long-period continuous shooting mode that captures up to 40 images at intervals of just over 1 second
The E900's image noise characteristics are very good. Noise is essentially absent at ISO 80 and 100. Shadow noise becomes detectable at ISO 200, and noticeable at ISO 400. At ISO 800, noise is noticeable throughout the image, but not to the extent that it is unusable. The E900's noise reduction process does reduce fine details at ISO 800, but users will appreciate having ISO 800 available more than they will regret the loss of detail."

If you are happy with x4 zoom, it might be worth checking out.
Wouldn't call the S2 the ideal low light camera. More of a good light camera where you can push things a little more than normal because of the IS. The noise at ISO 200 is bareable, but at ISO 400 it's pretty bad. But all (most?) of the x12 zooms have noise issues. When you're at the narrow end of the zoom range, these x12 zooms need a lot of light for a good image - the wide end is much better.

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