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I'm almost new to digital...I have a new SD400 and am having difficulty understandingportions of the User Guide.

My objective is to producealbums of 4 x 6 prints. I intend to tweak my pics using Piscara2 -- among other things, this often includes selecting a portion of a pic and resizingit to 4 x 6 before printing.

I am finding the User Guide (p. 64)far too briefwith respect to assisting the user in understanding and determining the appropriate Resolution and Compression.

My confusion is in 2 parts (I think):

Part 1 -- Regarding Resolution -- The User Guideindicates the highest resolution is "L" large (2592 x 1944 pixels) for printing 8.5 x 11; whereas "M2" 1600x 1200 pixels is forthe 6 x 4 prints I desire. However, as both settings seem to fill the LCD screen to the same extent, thus it would seema pic using "M2" wouldhave far fewer pixels.

OTOH,given that "L" is for much larger prints than "M2", it would seemthe pixel count in a 4x6 portion of"L" would be essentially the same as for "M2". However, if that is so, why would "L" be labeledthe highest resolution, and "M2" be the 2nd lowest resolution?

So, I'm confused...should I shoot in "L" or "M2"? (As I am using a 1GB SD Card, I have plenty ofstorage for large files.)

Part II -- Regarding compression -- The User Guide lists "Superfine" as providing the highest quality...Fine and Normal as progressively lesser quality. However, it would seem"compression" has to do with storage of files...what does compression have to do with picquality?
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L will be the highest resolution and will allow for plenty of cropping if you're going to print at 4x6.

The camera will fill the screen with the image regardless of the resolution you're taking pictures at. The image on the screen is actually at a much lower resolution than any of the settings available to capture the actual images.

The more you compress, the more data you throw away. Conversely, the less you compress, the closer to the original you keep the file/image. As such, Superfine is your best bet.

Unless you're running out of space on you memory card or know you'll only email photos,take all your photos at Large (2592x1944) Superfine and you'll have the highest quality images your camera can record. You can always resize and/or save with higher compression later.
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