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Iam very happy with my A95, it is a great camera, but in 1000 pictures I havetakenthis happened twice: Suddenlythe camerareset itself to default setting :!including language !!), except by date and time. Did anyone experience the same behaviour?


German (from Argentina)
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Here are some snips from the A95 user manual that might explain the situation:

[Page 22]
The camera has a rechargeable lithium battery for saving settings such as the date and time. This battery is charged by the AA-size batteries while it is in the camera.

[Page 21]
The date, time and other camera settings may reset to the default settings if the batteries have been removed for more than three weeks. If this happens, reset those settings.

However, it does seem strange that your date and time are the only settings that survive, and maybe the above snips have nothing to do with your problem. But, at least you can ask yourself whether or not the problem occurred after storing the camera for a long period of time with nobatteries.

The rechargeable backup battery seems like a strange feature. I would certainly take the main batteries out of my camera if I was going to store it. I wonder why Canon would even design a backup battery with such a short life span?
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It happened to me too... I don't remember for the first times... but the last time it happened with a set of batteries which had been in the camera for at least a week, they were charged. It resetted during my day of photography and I continued to shoot afterwards. So the batteries weren't weak. Also, I have never left my camera without batteries for more than a week maximum.
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This has happened to me too. The internal battery is fine because it keeps it date and time.

I've only charged my batteries twice, but it happened when I had the batteries out andon the charger. The first time I charged them no changes. The second time I charged them,when I put them back in all the settings were back to default. Sure wish large - superfine were default settings... it took me a couple of shots to notice it.. :sad:
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