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I have had my Canon S5 IS for abouttwo weeks now and am pleased withit.All myprevious digital cameras have been Canon PowerShots -- S300/S80/SD700 IS -- and most of thePICSwere taken in the Auto Mode with excellent results. :-) However, with my new S5 I want to learn the various modes and many adjustmentsin order togetthe very best photos possible. From what I have read, the S2/3/5 IS cameras performat their very best when not in the Auto Mode. I hope to learn much from reading and participating in these forums which appear to have a wealth of good information.

The PICS below were taken last weekend at a car show using the Program Mode/ISO 80with UV and polarizer filters.

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I just love thatMercury!

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I have an S3 and use P almost all the time when not using one of the mode dial options. I call P mode (auto on steroids) because you then have all of the function menu options available to you.

Nice shots with your S5.
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nice photos!

and i truly hate full Auto settings...I have another older olympus and cameras can't decide if jumping to a higher ISO will degrade the photo. I handed the S3 to a friend who is not that experienced with digital photos...At first I didn't realize why all of his pics looked soft and had a slightorange tint...he switched it to Auto

by the way...is that a lensmate adapter? 58mm?

I got one cheap on ebay and tried two hoods pedal and rubber 52mm...

I just got my s3...got a great deal...the only thing I wish it had that yours does is the hot shoe

my preferred setting so far for indoors.....+2/3 ev, +2/3 flash (unless I'm very close), p, 80/100iso, +1 notch sharpness, -1 notch contrast, superfine/L, tungsten seems to work best indoors with flouresent /incandescent combination lighting (admittedly I am not sure if the +1 and -1 really makes a difference...the tungsten does!!)


PS....my cameras on steroids
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