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stuart5936 Aug 27, 2009 11:20 AM

My options
I own a A720 (a fabulous camera), and would like to upgrade to anouther camera with the same specs, but upgraded. I suffer with a trembling right hand, and must have a viewfinder at times, and there is my problem. I do not want a DSLR, because I can't handel it. It seems my only option is the new G11.

I looked up imag quality on Imag resource, and it seems that the A720 images look better than the G10. I don't imagin the IQ on the G11 would be that much better?

I did purchase a Pani ZS3, that had great IQ, but could not handel it all of the time. When I had the shakes, I really needed a viewfinder. I sent it back reluctantly.

Are there any other options than the G11? Thanks for your adbvice

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