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I need help from you guys out there who know more about cameras then I will ever do.....

I've bought my IXUS 50/SD 400 for around a month ago, and I'm very pleased with the camera an it's pic-quality, and also of course the size of this wonder-piece!

However, a while ago when i was looking at the pictures in my computer i saw that almost every picture has a tiny black and white dot, in it!

The dot is not visible in the camera, not when i take the picture or wheni look at taken pictures. I'm only able to see it on the computer, or if i look at the picture in the camera (play-mode) and then zoom in the picture on the exact spot of the dot!

When i look back in time on pictures i have taken, i realized that the dot appeared for the first time on pictures taken only 5 days (!!) after i bought the camera!

From what i know, and as far as i can see, the dot has always been on the exact same place! Sometimes it's more visible then others, and sometimes it's almost not visible at all!

When i use the 3x optical zoom the dot stays at the same place, but when i use the total zoom (3x optical + 4x Digital) the dot moves up wards in the taken picture, but doesn't change in size!!??!!

I'll attachsome test-picture for you to see this "object".

I had to crop the pictures some, but the dot is still shown in its originally shape, size and appearance!

(Save on your computer and Zoom i the pictures to seethe dot correctly - I've marked out the spot!:?)

1.) The Dot itself

(Can't see picture? Click link: http://hem.passagen.se/njoy/sd400/crop.jpg)

2.) Same as above, but larger

(Can't see picture? Click link: http://hem.passagen.se/njoy/sd400/test1.jpg)

3). A more "Reel-Life" picture

(Can't see picture? Click link: http://hem.passagen.se/njoy/sd400/test2.jpg)

Please don't laugh at the first one or at my photographic skills, cause it's just a test picture taken on my blue shower-curtain! :-)

Please help me with this and tell me whats wrong, cause I've never seen anything like this before (but then again, I'm not an photographic expert ...I hope you are!:-))

Best regards - Johan, Sweden

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Hi Johan:

That's a "hot pixel". Here's a link that explains the problem:


You can send the camera to Canon for service, or fix your photos with software solutions.


Lutz, FL
G6, G5, S410, S2
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