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I'm going in 1 week in Europe (Capitals of Europe)....the kind ofvoyage thatI will maybe not do again and I want to take a lot of photos as souvenirs. I just bought the Canon Powershot S1 IS but I know that the S2 will be out soon.... Should I bring back the S1 and use my old 35 mm during my trip???

I wanted to play with my S1 and maybe sale it after my voyage and buy the S2 when it will be out but I'm sure that I will loose in the exchange....

It seems that the S2 will have all the corrections on what was wrong on the S1: 5 mp, bigger zoom, bigger LCD, macro mode, total of 13 picture modes, AF assist etc... I'm sure it's gonna cost more of course than what I paid for the S1 but if it is about 499$US, I'm ok with it!

The only thing that scares me with the S2 is that they will pack 5mp in a1/2.5 inch type CCD (I'm not a pro but should it be bigger???)

I know that nothing is perfect, that there is tips for correct the wrong things on the S1 but really I don't know whatto do..... It's hard to wait!

I'm scared of the 3.2 mp on the S1 but I never print photos larger than 5x7 so I should be fine with that....Is it good also on 8.5x11?

Thank you for some help!!! (Sorry for my english!!!)

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The S1 is still a fine camera, with a few limitations. The 3MP sensor will give you excellent 4x6 to 5x7 prints. "Good" is a relative term to different people, so the 8x10 output varies depending on who sees it. I think the 8x10 prints from it are "acceptable" - others think they're wonderful, and some others are not satisfied and want a higher resolution camera for that. Having more pixels will allow you to crop some of the photo away and still get a decent sized print.

Regarding the sensor - it's a wait and see game, but chances are there will be noise at iso 200 with the S2, and high noise at iso 400 based on pixels vs chip size. You never know - Canon could have figured out a way to supress the noise in this generation of camera though. My "guess" is that the noise will be higher on the S2 than the S1, but if you stick to iso 50 and iso 100 on your shots, they should be nice and clean regardless of which model.

The AF assist light: Canon has them, and I applaud that, but they are notoriously weak compared to some like the ones Sony puts on their models. I wouldn't count on the S2's to work effectively past 4 feet, unless they've put a completely different one on it that they have on most of their other models.

Yes, it will most likely sell for $499.00 and stay there until after the Christmas shopping season this year.

My suggestion would be that so long as you're not on a super tight budget, keep your S1. It will take some good shots of your vacation. After your trip you will know if it's just a good camera, or the camera you want to keep. If you still want to upgrade to the S2 after that, then as mentioned, Xmas is coming - give the S1 to someone as a Christmas gift, or, sell it on Ebay. You'll lose a few dollars, but make some back and can upgrade. If your budget is super tight then just stick with the S1 and learn from it until one day the S3 comes out and upgrade then.

Remember to get a couple of large memory cards for your trip, and some extra rechargeable Ni-MH batteries. The S1 and S2 do use different cards (S1-Compact Flash, S2-Secure Digital) so you will have to factor this in to cost if you want to upgrade to the S2. So to end it - yes, the S2 sounds like it will be BETTER overall than the S1, but by no means is the S1 a "bad" camera, and should do fine for what you want it to do.

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