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Default Need Help, Late for Canon P & S CCD Recall?

Normally use a Canon P & S for times when a DSLR could be damaged.

Because I really baby all my Cameras the Canon P & S on the bad CCD recall http://consumer.usa.canon.com/cusa/s...01e024801e74fe
are still working but are showing the first signs of failing.

One major problem. Canon has placed a time limit on this recall and the last date is now past.

My question is why should I be penalized for taking good care of my cameras!

Would appreciate any suggestions! Especially concerning who at Canon to contact to present my case etc.

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It's been 7 years since Canon published the first bulletins about this issue (the first notices were published in 2005). The latest page you're referencing is only showing the latest updates to those bulletins, not the older announcements.

What camera model do you have?

You can't expect a manufacturer to keep fixing cameras *long* after their warranty expires, especially some 7 years after the problem was first noticed and announced. Chances are, your camera is virtually worthless right now if it's more than a couple of years old anyway (even if it did have an updated sensor, as technology improves at a rapid pace), and the labor to fix it would probably cost far more than it's worth, not to mention the problems in finding an upgraded version of the old outdated [read obsolete for years] sensor needed to fix it (as the camera's electronics are designed for a specific sensor, so you can't just stuff a newer model into it).

Products do break, and manufacturers can't afford to fix them at no charge forever. ;-)

Heck, with the electronics in a modern digital camera, other components are going to start degrading over time, too (capacitors, etc.), even if the sensor was replaced. You also see other parts that wear out over time (dials, switches, buttons, motors in lens mechanisms, etc.), especially with a point and shoot camera model that's not designed for heavy, pro style use.

Canon was nice enough to address this issue at no charge for a number of years after the warranty expired on the affected camera models. But, at some point, it's just not practical for them to continue that process (not to mention that they may not even have the parts in stock anymore to fix an older camera model, as technology changes at a rapid pace).

If you've got an older camera model using one of the problem sensors, count your blessings that it worked for as long as it did (as you could have seen other problems that were not sensor related by now, too) and just buy a new camera. ;-)
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