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coontie wrote:
that's not a dog. That's a pig.

yea, but try that..

I got a lot of tips from here:


when I got my S1 I was totally clueless. I'm still clueless only a little less so now.
lol Just goes to show how much I know about dogs--or pigs :G

Thanks for the link.. I'll take a look once I get my camera

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I've recently at night outdoors (with some light from other sources) been testing my abilities at getting as little blur as possible with low shutter speeds in low light.
I usually set it to ISO 50 or 100 (to get as little noise as possible), aperture priority (usually F/2.8 or F/3.1), either neutral or slightly negative exposure compensation, IS on. I've sometimes gotten somewhat decent results with shutter speeds of 1" or 1/2", but I wish I could do better. I also try to wait until my subject isn't moving too much.
If you'd like, I could post a few examples (or links to them, as I will probably post them full-size) of pics I've taken in such conditions. I may have to edit people out of them that probably wouldn't want their pictures on the net, though. If so, how do I get the EXIF data back into the file using the EXIFer program I have?
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yea, the biggest problem is hand shaking. IS doesn't help much (or maybe it'd be much worse with it turned off, I don't know). I also noticed that above .5s shutter speed its way too blurry. My biggest problem has always been unsteady hand. Prolly picked the wrong week to quit sniffin glue.
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