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wazungy May 27, 2008 2:05 PM

I am a new A650 user. I have owned a powershot A620 for about 3 years now, I love it but it IS showing it's age so I decided to get an A650.

I bought one about a week and a half ago. I put he fairly new NiMH batteries I use for my A620 into the new A650 and took a test shot or two. It worked fine.

The next day the camera wouldn't power on. I always have fresh NiMH in the charger so I put them in and the A650 worked. When I next had to use the camera, a day or two later,... the camera would not turn on.

Now then...I have used the A620 for a few years, and have had to go through a few sets of batteries because they loose their capacity to hold charge or die eventually. I am aware that new batteries can make a difference.


these batteries I was using would easily sit in the A620 for a week at a time (I have 3 sets I use for the A650 that are relatively new (Dec 2007) and easily work for an afternoon of shooting days after I put them in, but in the A650 they were dying overnight in a camera that was turned off and not used. I can understand the A650 might have a higher power consumption than the A620, but the camera was turned off and the batteries were croaking!

I explained this to Canon today. I was told to buy new NiMH, or try to take the batteries out of the camera to see if they last longer. I can try the latter, taking the batteries out and only putting them in while the camera is in use, a real hassle. I can also pay for a fresh set of NiMH's charge them and see if they last any longer.

Anybody have similar experience with the A650 ??


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