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Default New Canon SX40 HS owner and I think I need help.


As you can probably tell, I am brand spanking new here, so I would like to say hello first off. Speaking of brand spanking new, my wife and I just purchased a new Canon SX40 HS. We are getting ready to have a baby (due date is actually today ) and we decided that we need a new, quality camera. We spent a lot of time researching different camera and we decided to purchase this one. It was a real struggle, too. I didn't know if we should purchase a DSLR or get another point and shoot. Since we really do not know too much about taking full advantage of a DSLR, we got the SX40.

I must say that the little that I messed around with it, the camera takes pretty nice pictures. As I was looking for some online help about settings, I came across these forums and thought that I could certainly find some help in here. There are some pictures on in this forum from a SX40 that are absolutely amazing. In fact, they kind of answered a question that I have been going over and over in my head: Can I take a semi-professional/professional photographs with this camera? I am very pleased to see that it is possible...with a lot of help that is .

One of the reasons we wanted to get a camera that would take really nice pictures is because we thought that we could take pictures of our family ourselves, instead of paying the sometime steep prices to get them shot at a studio. I figured between a decent camera and Photoshop, we can produce pictures of studio quality.

Anyhow, I will stop before I ramble on any further. I would appreciate it if anyone could help me out, maybe give me some quick tips on what settings to use with this camera to produce some nice photographs. I know that is kind of a broad request, but I am really new at this and anything would help. After viewing some pictures on here, I don't think that I need to go with a DSLR, I just have to figure out how to use this camera to capture quality moments.

If you made through that entire post and you are still awake, I congratulate you . Thank you in advance for any and all help/advice that you can offer me.

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Hi testudo- that is quite a broad request there.. as different types of photography/photo's require completely different settings..!
The SX40HS is capable of taking very good photo's indeed in the right hands,provided the user knows what he/she is doing.
I would suggest buying a Photography "how to.." book which can be purchased for the price of a decent take away meal..! The basic rules apply,regardless of what camera you are using,and the SX40,like most bridge cameras have full manual control(just like an SLR)- to use as and when you feel comfortable to step up to the next level and get creative.
To be fair to the Canon- it has quite a few "scene" modes tucked away in the menu with the "SCN" on the dial selected,with most photographic scenarios covered. It also has a sport mode on the dial- ideal for anything that is moving around- sporting or not..!
That said,the basic "Auto" mode seems to do a pretty good job in almost all situations- and I would switch only to "sport" mode if you're taking a moving subject.
These were taken indoors(no flash) with my SX40....
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Thanks, SIMON40, for your response.

Yeah, I kind of thought that was a broad question/request. I just have no clue, so any type of advice is greatly appreciated. Well, as I stated in my OP, we are getting ready to have a baby and we would like to take pictures of her, you know, to send to friends and family. We have seen a that a few of our friends have taken their children to photographers to have those type of pictures taken and some of them are pretty expensive. I figured that between what I know in Photoshop (I am a web developer, so I know my way around that program ) and a decent camera, I could produce quality photos. Not only that, but I like to take photos of just about everything and I want to have nice quality photos.

We were thinking about getting a DSLR, but my wife was afraid that she would not be able to use it since they have a bit of a learning curve. So, we decided to go with the SX40. The photos that you have given me a link to and the photos that I have seen in other threads here on this site shows me that we made the right choice. That is the quality that I am looking for. Great pics, by the way.

I guess what is boils down to is getting use to the camera and playing around with it. I am also going to purchase somethings to make like a mini studio in my home, like some sheets and possibly lights. I know that lighting is one of the most important things in photography, if not the most important thing. So, I will mess around with it an post my questions here because it appears that you guys know you stuff .

Thank you again for your response!

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