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I just purchased myself a Canon A85 and I have been reading the manual non-stop, it has been a great help. Although, I was hoping someone would be kind enough to take their time and help me out with a few questions.

- Besides the manual, is there an online website that gives tips for new digital photographers. What I mean by that, is what exactly is an ISO, Whitebalance, F/S, etc. and when to use these settings for specific shots.

- Is the Canon A85 a sensitive camera? I have been taking a few random shots, and they are comming out blurry. Am I doing something wrong here, I'm not really moving/shaking at all.

- Is it okay to purchase a set of Ni-MH batteries with a charger from a local store, if so, would brand would you recommend?

Like I said, I'm new to digital photography, and would love to get into, but I just new a lot of practice.

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I didn't know if this should fall under the Canon forum, or the Newbie forum.

Mods feel free to move if neccessary.
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I have had the same camera for about a month. I am hoping to get some time to actually read the manual. As far as batteries, I bought a 30 minute charger/batteries at Best Buy. The batteries last a long time before charging unless you use the camera to download to a PC instead of using a card reader.

I sometimes get blurry pics too butI also forget to checkthe settings dial and then forget to change it back as needed. Is the subject blurry or the whole pic?

I bought a $20 tripod and it works great as my wife always complains I am never in the pictures. Now I can put it on the timer and get some great pics.

My biggest challange is taking good indoor pics (when to use natural light or use the flash)

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Congrats on the new camers.

You can use any AA rechargable batteries. I would get the ones that charge in either an hour or 30 minutes and have two sets. This way you should never run out of juice. :-)

As far as blurry pics, try pre-focussing. Frame your shot, and press the shutter button down half way to allow the camera to focus on the shot. When ready, press the shutter all the way to take the pic. This should help.
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