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Old Nov 16, 2005, 8:32 AM   #1
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just got my canon a620. got it off ebay for 325 shipped brand new. so far i love it with the couple shots i ve taken. i love the macro on it. this year i had 3 different cameras. first one that was relace was a canon A95 that i had for about a year then i got a casio ex-z750 i had that for about 4 months and now back to a canon. the only thing i can remember from my a95 that i like is the motion shot. there is no motion shot on the a620. guess i got to create a manual setting for motion shots. heres some shots of the camera and a macro shot of a quarter. i could go even closer but the shadow of the camera blocks it.

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Old Nov 21, 2005, 11:44 PM   #2
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congratulations on ur new baby! canon really are one of the best when it comes to digital cameras. they produce very good quality pics too.
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Old Nov 22, 2005, 7:47 PM   #3
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anekin007...I too had a Casio EX-Z750 for a few months, but returned it a few days ago due to it's indoor picture quality. Almost always improper exposure, or extremely slow shutter speeds with tons of blur. Made no difference how brightly illuminated or how close/far the subject was. Made no difference either what auto or manual setting I chose. Very dissapointed, after reading many reviews and taking months to decide what I wanted.

So, now I am somewhat in the same boat as you were, and I have narrowed my search down to the Canon A620, and the Canon SD550. Did you look at the SD550, and if so, why did you go with the A620 over the SD550. Steve's reviews do appear to say that the A620 is a more rounded camera, but it's much bigger than both the SD550, and the Casio EX-Z750. Just looking for your thoughts!!!

Also, can you provide the name of the eBayer you got the camera from, and tell me if the sale went without any hitches. Would you recommend that eBayer?
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Old Nov 23, 2005, 8:26 AM   #4
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yeah i had a lot of issue with low light and blur pictures with the ex-z750. so far with the a620 in low light i came out with fewer blur pictures. it gave me good quality also.. even at 300 or 400 percent zoom it still looks good. i been waiting for canon to make a ultra compact camera with manual controls for over a year im starting to think it is not going to happen for a long time. casio was the only company with ultracompact with manual controls. also the ebay was slow on shipping but its hard to beat the price.
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Old Nov 30, 2005, 12:18 AM   #5
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I notice your power button looks slightly higher on the 'off' side like mine.

I was hoping this was normal. Usually canon's fit it perfect, I don't want to send mine back, but I didn't want to get stick with a future problem.

Now if I could just get Windows XP to read my SD card on my SCSI to PCMCIA reader/Adapter.
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Old Dec 2, 2005, 1:58 AM   #6
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I just got my canon a620 also, I found the best deal to be from dell... 318 overnighted with coupons. Anyways so far I have found it to be a great camera, it'll make for some great pictures of my twin 9 month olds; especially over my old Sony DSC-30 (1.3MP ha). I'm also new to the site and look forward to lots of good advice.
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Old Dec 2, 2005, 4:00 PM   #7
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Just got the A620 this afternoon, wife wasn't too happy when I said I'd rather play with the camera than enjoy the meal she had cooked. Fortunately I didn't get the chance to photograph a plate full of noodles flying through the air!!!!

It handles well & feels solid enough, except for the well publicised battery flap & the less talked about conection cover which feels especially flimsy.

Plenty of options to mull over: auto is oh so simple; as is flash (on, off, auto; with or without red eye); Tv & Av similar; & I have took quite a few Special Scene Kids mode - our 2 year old is a natural poser!

I've got the canon flash on order, due in tuesday.

For those in the uk who are interested, I paid £344 for the camera, flash, 512 card, table tripod, case & an extra 2 years warranty from equipment express, they have a web page but I collected from Altrincham.
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