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I wentfrom a canon s2 to panasonic fz28.

The fz28 pictures are the muted and down toned ones in my modest opinion.

The fz 28 will be on ebay very shortly.

Only my opinion.

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How would you judge these colors?

Sarah Joyce
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I posted without pp, as requested.

And nobody took the bait on my lousy pun, by the way. Anuric is a medical term for kidney shutdown in which no urine is produced. Anuric, no pp. I crack myself up.

The colors in the pictures of the vase are muted a bit. I think that was a function of the backlight from the window. If I had been better prepared I would have used a reflector instead of a flash, but I was traveling light. The below shot of the vase is a more accurate rendering of the color. But I have to tell you, it's one of those things where no photos captures the beauty of seeing it in person.

Since you haven't been to my house, you have no way of knowing that the wall behind the piano is light brown, not the gray in the picture. Color cast showed up and would have been corrected before printing.

The colors in the violin head closeup and in the orchid are very accurate.

One of the things that I have noticed in going from color films of various sorts to non-SLR digitals is that color casts and saturation variables are greater and more common than with a good and predictable color emulsion. Perhaps I am too simple-minded, but I chalk it up to the computer chip in the camera trying to hard to be smarter than me, and choosing to record what it thinks I want instead of what I am actually seeing. I find myself using the settings that change color saturation probably more frequently than people who grew up with digital cameras. The Canon setting that mimics slide film is one that I find particularly nice at enhancing saturation but remaining subtle. And of course, like most of us, I almost never print without tweaking at least some little something.

To those who wondered about the viewfinder - it is indeed electronic. I hadn't thought about the difficulties of building an optical viewfinder for a 20x zoom, but of course The Duck is right. It is suitably bright, and I have to say that the big screen is about as bright as any I have seen so far, quite usable in bright outdoor light, unlike the A series screens. It is nice to be able to use an optical viewfinder during panning or otherwise following a moving subject, but I guess in a pinch you could change the post-exposure display time to zero and do OK. One nice feature of the EVF is that all the exposure values and settings can be displayed there just like on the big screen. Overall, I thought I would miss the optical finder, but I haven't.

I don't really buy cameras for video ability, and have not played with the video much at all. The post which states that the sound records in stereo is correct, but being a musician myself, I have to wonder how stereophonic the playback will be with microphones maybe 2-1/2 inches apart, on either side of the lens. I noticed that there is a wind filter available in the audio settings, but I haven't played with that either.

I'm glad to see this camera being discussed. It is, as I said, not perfect, but it is worth considering among the top-end P&S cameras.
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docmoon wrote:
The reason that Canon digitals attract a lot of gray-haired photographers with extensive 35-mm experience is because most of their cameras have easy access to shutter- and aperture-priority modes and a fully manual mode in addition to the several programmed modes on the dial.
Wow, I resemble that remark! Having been in photography for about 38 years, means I earned my opinions. And my newest camera the SX10 IS was chosen for that list of priorities that I missed so dearly ever since I joined the digital camera revolution.

I have little to add to your excellent conclusions at this time since my ownership is limited to only a couple weeks. I will say this though, that built in flash is slow. I missed quite a few shots of an active 2 year old because it was recycling. That sent me after the Speedlite 220 EX that just arrived yesterday. I believe that it will be the missing piece that I needed. It does "fill" on A & T priority. Perfect.
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docmoon wrote:
The post which states that the sound records in stereo is correct, but being a musician myself, I have to wonder how stereophonic the playback will be with microphones maybe 2-1/2 inches apart, on either side of the lens.
Here is an unedited SX10 video clip of a local Mariachi band. I was pleased with the sound quality, especially considering all the video cameras I have played with over the years. Not perfect I'm sure, but very happy overall with the SX10: http://www.vimeo.com/2257766

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