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I just brought a Canon A75. I took some pictures to day and am a little disappointed at how they came out, It wasnt the best of day's though. The pictures dont seem to be focused very well and in the second shot, the grass dosnt look like grass but green blur. Could someone give me some pointers on whats happening or what I am doing wrong. The camera was set on Auto and pretty much the defaults it came set to.

Here are some pictures:


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I've had an A60 for about 2 months. When i first got it i had a few out of focus shots. I read a tip somewhere about turning the AiAF off, so i tried it and i've never put it back on. I haven't had anyout of focusshots since then. Your camera is a bit different than mine because yours has a 9 point auto focus and mine only has 5 point. You could try it and see how things turn out, there'snothing to lose. :-)
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Old May 31, 2004, 4:55 AM   #3
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I have the same problem too!

My pictures look just like yours, blue cast, blurry glass, bad purple fringing on white edges.

I notice its worse on full telephoto setting. Nothing looks like it's in focus.

Looks like you're in New Zealand too. I took some pictures in Western Springs park Auckland, my ducks swimming round the lake were blurry, even a pukekopreening itselfwas blurred. Hardly challenging photographic material!

I too was using the auto setting, i got a slight improvement by using the fast shutter mode, but still i wasn't impressed.

I'm going to try turning the AiAF off, and using spot focussing to see if it improves matters.

Luckily i bought it from Noel Leeming who have a 14 day money back guarantee so I'm seriously thinking about taking it back, waiting a little while and getting something else.

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Old May 31, 2004, 5:03 AM   #4
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I have a PowerShot A80, and don't have any problems with the focus... and our camera's are not too different at all.

I'd agree with turning AiAF off, but I use it and have no problems so maybe it's something else?
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Old Jun 4, 2004, 9:30 PM   #5
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You are right, a substantial section of them shots looks poorly focused.

The grass as you mention shows this up. What settings did you use?


This pick for for example was taken with no tripod 5m from the "action/horses" as you can see the grass is not to bad given the circumstances. The hores are not 100% but it was the first set of batteries (ie new A75) and im sure on a tripod with more practise i would get it much better.

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Old Jun 5, 2004, 10:51 AM   #6
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1. Shoot in superfine mode to preserve all of the image detail.

2. The shutter speed on the third picture is too slow (visible camera shake).

3. The aperture is wide (low f-stop number) which is going to give you a narrower depth of field even on the tiny sensors.

For taking "landscape" type photos you really would want to raise the aperture number (let less light in) which is going to decrease your shutter speed further, but you could have probably shot at ISO 200... The camera probably auto selected ISO 50 or equivalent.
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I bought the A75 but returned it after a week. The pictures lacked sharpness. I tried everything, including shooting witha tripod, but was not able to eliminate the problem. Too bad because the features and ease of use were great.
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