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Hello, I'm in the process offinding areplacement for my Mustek DV5300 SE, and have taken an interest in the newer models (750, 800, etc.) of the Powershot SD series. I've done a considerable amount of research thus far, but still had a couple of nagging questions I was hoping you guys could iron out for me:

1. Do any of the Powershot SD cameras come with a remote, or is a remote available for any of them?

2. With the "Self Timer" setting, is it possible to set the timer to take multiple pictures over a series of time? (example, take one picture every 10 seconds for 1 minute)

3. What is the quality of the video with this camera? I will be using the video function quite a lot, especially the 320x240 60fps mode, but have been unable to find any "sample footage" online (I googled the fire out of it, but came up empty handed)

4. Does the optical zoom still work while in movie mode?

Thanks for your time, I really appreciate it =)

Edit: So it turns out I did some more research, and found the answers to all of my own questions =D For anyone who may stumble across this post in the future, here's the answers I found

1. Canon does not make remotes for any of the SD series of digital cameras, nor is one available from a third-party manufacturer that is compatible with them

2. The self timer has a 2 sec, 10 sec, and custom interval setting, which means that multiple stills can be taken over a length of time with the specified duration inbetween (aka "time lapse")

3. Video quality is suprisingly decent (checked on youtube, which compresses all of their video, so judging quality is a shot in the dark), and it appears to do well in low-light situations as well

4. The optical zoom does work while filming in movie mode, from what I could tell

Hope this helps some people out later on =)
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