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currently have a canon SD1000. the first pic of what mine looks like in the nightshot mode (and automatic they look the same) and the second pic is what i want it to look like. both are taken late at night in the dark

so is it possible to make my camera take pix like that? if not...what "feature" should i be looking for in my next camera?

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Not really a fair comparison, the second shot was well lit. But it shouldn't be too hard.

- turn the flash off, it's pretty useless beyond 10 feet and it will lock your speed to 1/60, which is too fast at night

- use a tripod, garbage can or wall to steady a longer exposure time

- use the self timer to trip the shutter without hand shake

- lock ISO to 100 or less to produced the least noise/grain

- use auto exposure metering to set speed/aperture, but set exposure comp (EV) down around -2/3rd for decently lit shot to -1 2/3rds for a less well lit shot. A night shot is supposed to be darkish.

- use custom white balance (against something white) to correct for specific types of lighting like in your second shot.

Here's a couple of shots with an 5yr old, 3.2mp, Canon S230 Elph, an automatic P&S ultra-compact. First EV -1 2/3, and second -2/3 (I think):

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