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My brother's been shooting with film for a few years, and decided he wanted a compact digital P&S for his business trips, etc. I did some research and concluded the A80 was one of the best values amongst 4Mp. He seems pleased to date - are you?
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I feel like the old "Name that Tune" TV program. I have printed a lot of 13X19 pictures from my Canon Pro90 (2.6 MP) camera. I will admit that I crop only a little (to 13 X 19) using Photoshop Elements 2.0. I use Genuine Fractals to "rez" up the file by doubling both height and width.

I print my photos on an Epson 1270 using Epson Heavyweight Matte paper (using clone ink from CarrotInk). The pictures look great, even after hanging on the wall a year after printing.

The old "rules of thumb" about megapixels vs print size are not really all that accurate. More megapixels are better than fewer, but the quality of the lens has been understated.

There's a real difference between picture takers and photographers. More megapixels won't make a picture taker into a photographer. Niether will any piece of equipment.

Your camera will do a lot more than you can imagine. You can print bigger and better pictures than you know.
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To Jkusmier: YES iam very happy with my A80 and never a problem so far with well over 7000 pix taken and i would say a 97% rate of great sharp pix. I have very little low light problem with it and i was told to use a white balance of sunny for inside flash and it works very well. Tealblue
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Working with, storing, and backing up 5MP pictures is enough for me. I don't want to work, nor see the need to work, with anything larger. I agree - they should focus on improving quality, features, etc. - versus on cranking up the size. You get to the point where you enough size is enough on size for most users - and the 5MP to 6MP range seems to be it.
I love the antishake feature on the Minolta A1 - I'm sure there are plenty of other features that could be added in place of size.
How about a wireless interface (TCP/IP over 802.11g will work for me!) so I can download pictures to my computer without having to pull out the card or plug in the camera? Just get home and press a button.
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To wildman: Thanks for your post!! I also use a epson photo printer (1280) and it does very well with my 11x17 and 8x10 work. I also use a canon and have had a very good time of it so far.I think i will pass on the canon pro for now its just to much $$ for me at this time.I might wait till the refurb one come out and get it at much better price.I got my G2 from canon and only paid $250 with free shipping. Tealblue
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As an interesting example of a company going in a slightly different direction and (maybe) getting it right, people should look at the specs for the Fuji S3 Pro. Instead of going full frame (as some predicted) or going for more MP, they instead went for more dynamic range (record a wider range of light in the same picture, so more shadow & light detail before all info is lost) at the same resolution. They also claim you can trade that extra dynamic range for less noise via a setting.

I've only read the quick paragraph blurb in the press release, but it does sound like an interesting direction to go. I hope it sells well, so other cameras makers realize that things like this are a good thing.

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