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Default Oh dear: Move on to my 6th digital camera? (G3 to DR?)

Hi everybody . I have been struggling for a very long time deciding if it would be wise of me to switch from the G3 to a new Digital Rebel. I am a college student with little money. The money I do have saved has come from a job taking pictures for my college news paper. I am happy overall with the quality of the pictures the G3 produces, but I find myself enjoying to use my mothers 35mm SLR because I love to look through the lenses and focus on exactly what I am composing. This is in large part the reason I want to switch to the DR, but there are others. The decreased shutter lag and increased depth of field, as well as the huge variety of lenses for the DR.

Any opinions on whether or not it is worth the extra money for the switch would be greatly appreciated.

Next, if I do in fact decide to sell my G3, I am wondering about the resale value for these cameras. The camera is only around 4 months old and I always take meticulous care of the camera. I was thinking about including 1. a 256mb CF card, 2. a mini tripod, 3. a nice camera bag that fits everything.. How much is this worth? I was thinking 520 dollars or somewhere around there, shipped? Does that sound like a fair price, or no? I know the G3 is a popular camera and possibly maybe even worth more?

Once again any opinions would be much appreciated
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I had the G1 years ago but dont remember how much it went for. But at the time 3mp was the stuff... 8) So I really not sure what your setup would go for.

The great things about "Lenses" is they will always hold their values. Thats whats great about SLR's. If you decide to sell a lens, you will probably get back almost what you paid for it (Depending on condition). With Point-&-Shoot cameras, they will drop in price rapid only because there is (Old Techology) connected to the lens. So if you go SLR, the worst that will happen is you may have to upgrade your body down the road. But your lenses should hold its value.

Now if you dont mind waiting. Im seeing ALOT of rumors floating around. Not sure what to believe. But sometime at the begining of this year, Canon is gonna announce yet another SLR thats going to be between the DR and 10D. Making DR $699.00, the filling $999.00 and the 10D $1299.00. Thats what rumors have. But more often then not, rumors end up being real in some sorts in the long run.

The DR with our without the lens is a fantastic deal at this moment. NO ONE is able to provide anything like this with its 6MP and SLR for $999.99 (With a lens!) Get them while you can!
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Thank you very much for that response, it was very helpful. I'll keep that rumor in mind
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