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ronald christopher Apr 8, 2004 12:53 AM

Perfect companion for your Professional Camera
Ronald Christopher

I wanted to share some information with Steve's forum members as I have with Dpreview members. :idea:

I just wanted to share what seems to be a truly remarkable discovery for us and a investment that our company Advanced Digital Photography has made. In using the the Canon 1ds, Kodak 14n, Fuji S2, we create extremely large photo files. The down side is processing time and storage. Having to work with these large files and ever increasing mexapixel sizes creates a need for what I call todays super computers. Processing in the studio on a large desktop system, it is very easy to build a custom tower to handle the speed we all desire. Being a avid user of Qimage Pro,( and for those of you who also use this program, you know how long it takes to spool a picture) it sucks all of the processors resourses and ram that it can obtain. Loading Photoshop CS with all of the custom actions like Nik sharpener Pro, Nik Effects, ICorrect Pro ect, takes even more computer time for Photoshop to open.The problem I was having was dragging multiple desktop sytems on the road to do onsite photo shoots and printing for the corporate events we do. Our company ( Advanced Digital Photography ) which is based out of Florida, travels a lot by plane which only magnifies the problem. After much research we have found a solution.(I had to, lost another hard drive, and monitor from bouncin them around on the road). A laptop know as the Sager 8890 has solved the problem. (actually it takes a few of them, one for each person that processes and prints pictures for us.) I know for most of you, you have never heard of this beast of a laptop, but neither did I until I did some intensive research. After reviewing customer ratings, specs on all laptops known to man, and talking to the owner of the source our company made a decision. The company by the way is Power notebooks and the owner is Donald Stratton. (Great people, excellent service.)I have included the link should you want to check them out.

You see with our client base, they want their pictures the day of the event, before they leave to go home,( they really mean right now ). Our onsite photography and printing is growing in leaps and bounds and this type of venue is here to stay. The very nature of today's customers want it, here and now, and if possible yesterday!! This forces us to use the most powerful tools to get the job done. This laptop was custom made by the same company that made the Alienware laptops. The big difference is price, excellent customer support and no GREEN fancy paint job like the Alienware. Just to give you some insight, this beast has a 3.4ghz Pentium 4 processor, up to 2 gig of PC 3200 ram, 128 ATI MOBILITY™ RADEON™ 9600 Pro Turbo graphics card, (you can even get a 256mb if you want in a different model) 800 mhz front bus speed, dual 60 gig 7200rpm hard drives with 8meg of cache, in raid 0 mode,and Hyperthreading. The last two items are what really blows me away. It's like having a Dual Atholon only faster than the Mac laptop.

Rob Galbrith did a test of to PC's, a G5 Mac and a Pentium with the same specs we have in our Sagers. If you are a Pro you know of Rob's Galbrith's credibility. I have included a link for you to read his in depth review.

I use to watch the printers screech to a halt when Qimage was spooliing the files going to print. ( Keep in mind we had tried the Sony vaio's to do the same job, but they would lock up and were just to dam slow.) Sony makes a quality product just not one to fit this specific need. I use their CRT monitor's in the Studio and consider them to be the best, especially the Artisian. As you know you have to calibrate your monitor, and printers to get WSIWYG. I use Eye one calibrator for the LCD on the Sagers which does a great job.

With the Sagers we can now print, spool and return tp Photoshop and keep right on editing with out a stop in our prodution line.Yea!!!!!!!!! Needless to say, our travel load has been reduced tremendously. The Sagers go on the plane with us, along with the camera's and the printer, inks, and paper, folders go into a road case and we are on our way. No arriving on the job finding broken monitors, hard drives that won't work because they have been bounced around in shipment and MORE computer speed than I could ever dream of, what a relief.

The purpose of this posting is to save you a lot of time, grief, research and aggrevation if in fact you need a processing tool like this Sager laptop.

I have learned a tremendous amount from these forums over the years, clear back when I was posting on the Sony 505v and sharing pictures and technical information. Since then my emails have changed and I have been so busy that you don't have time to share as much as you would like. I truly believe you have to give back and I have always recieved more than I can give. Phil Askey runs a top notch site and when I find something that I really believe is special, I like to share. it. Please feel free to email me with any questions you may have and I will do my very best to answer them.

Have a great Day!!
Kind regards,

susan marie Apr 8, 2004 8:08 AM

Hi Ron,
Just wanted to say thaks for the information. You saved me a lot of leg work. I have been considering a brand call lieberman for the power needed to produce these large camera raw files .( Canon 10D ) This new company called Liberman turns out to be preety much a bait and switch scam. Everyone beware!!!I have been reading some horror stories about some other on line companies and the New York ones are the worst. I will give powernotebooks a call.
Thanks again,

ronald christopher Apr 8, 2004 5:19 PM

Glad to be of help. Just order another Sager today for another one of my new photo proscessing people. :shock: He has no idea how fast these things are since he is just starting out with us. Raid 0 is going to blow him away.
Kind regards,

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