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Two big reasons for choosing the s80. The wideangle and extra features. But I was looking for something portable for when I dont want to take my Sony 828. The s80 fits this because I can still fit it in my pants. But it wont fit into shirt or jeans pockets. The only gripe besides size so far is the damn battery door. It opens WAY too easy. Every time I try and grab the camera out, it would open.
My question, the SD550 is about $80-100 cheaper. I use the wideangle about (i'm guessing) 80-90% of my shots. And the extra features like apature control maybe 20% of the time. Should I get the SD550 instead? All my cameras always been able to do 28mm. Is 37mm that much restricting in everyday use?
What I want is small, yet something that can handle room shots without the flash (small cameras are notorious at not lighting the whole target) Granted I know the small cameras wont do it well, but will a sd550 do it just as well as the S80? I found some good reviews but still not sure.
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Even with my camera that is smaller than the SD550 I prefer to carry it in a small belt pouch. It is easier to get at and less likely to get damaged. I've always managed to find an appropriate pouch at my local flea market. I've never been willing to carry a camera in my shirt pocket unless it has a button to keep it from falling out. And it isn't that easy to get even a small camera from jeans pockets. You might look into a belt pouch for your S80. My camera is always with me unless I am carrying one of my larger cameras. It is really a convenient way to carry a small camera.

If you use the wide angle and manual controls often I doubt you would be as happy with the SD550, although it is a nice little point and shoot camera with very good optics. The S80 has a little more purple fringing at wide angle, but you can't really compare that since the SD550 won't go there.

My small camera doesn't have wide angle capability. I often take some quick pano shots with the camera held vertically and end up with a 4:3 image about equal to 27mm from a 38mm lens. You also get a lot more pixels if you wanted to make a large print. It is almost as fast as a single shot as I use the continuous mode which fixes the exposure with the first shot. My Casio Z750 doesn't have a pano mode.

I grabbed these the other day for another thread. I tried the Photoshop stitching and it seems to have enhanced the pano. I usually use simple software that quickly stitches shots that don't require adjustment. I think the Canon pano mode fixes the exposure with the first shot so you can stitch them quickly.

38mm shot

Camera held vertically for pano

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So you're saying I should keep the s80? Although the SD550 takes almost as good shots(from what I read here) as the s80, I should stop thinking about how small the sd550 is because having a wide angle lens will offset the size factor?
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