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Old Nov 9, 2008, 6:34 PM   #1
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hello everybody,

i need your help

first of all , i'm professor in botany faculty , and i'm interested in photographing plants and how it's growing , this needs a property called : Timelapse recording.

where the camers could be fixed to take 1 picture automaticallyevery 15 minutes or 10 or what ever you want

this is exist in (Canon S3IS) and (Canon S5 IS) for sure.

but i want to know if Timelapse recordingis exist in (Canon SX10 IS) the camera that i'm going to buy..

any one can help??

thank you
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Old Nov 9, 2008, 9:38 PM   #2
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You can refer to the user manual online and look for that feature at:


I have looked at that camera and I don't specifically remember a time lapse option, but like a lot of Canon cameras it does have a custom timed shutter release that you can program to take up to 10 shots at intervals of up to 30 seconds. That would only cover a span of 5 minutes, though, not what you are probably going to need for photography of the growth of plants. But I glanced through the table of contents for the S5 manual and didn't see your feature, either, so if you are familiar with using Canons in that way you might find it by reviewing the manual yourself.
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Old Nov 11, 2008, 11:59 AM   #3
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thank you very much ,

acutually , i used to usetimelaspe feature in canon S3 IS .. it allows you to take 100 shots , 1 shot every 15 minutes "AUTOMATICLY"..

it's really magic program.. the camera can do itby itselffor 25 hours .. it keeps off, and after 15 minutes runs automaticly and take the picture , then it turn off for the next 15 minutes ..

the camera keep doing that till it takes the 100 shots (which needs 25 hours)..

thank you again for the manual link .. i'll read it carefully ..

take care

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Old Dec 18, 2008, 1:00 PM   #4
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There is a Wiki called CHDK (Canon Hackers Development Kit) devoted to adding new features to many Canon point-shoot cameras. It essentially replaces the Canon firmware with a new version which, amongst other things, adds time lapse capability to cameras which did not originally include it. I use it on my A590 IS and it works great. The URL is http://chdk.wikia.com/wiki/CHDK.

Regards, Bill in Florida
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Old Dec 18, 2008, 3:38 PM   #5
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hi bill..how are you ??

thank you so much for this great idea .. i'm sure it works very well..

but may i ask you about something ..

i have read somewhere that changing the original firmware may cause a big damage for the camera .. which is hard to fix .. i think it's a risk to lose the original firmware.

i liked your idea .. it gonna help me for sure .. but to be carefull , can we get the original firmware of canon SX10?? where and how??

it's really nice to meet people with the same interests all over the world , and it would be my pleasure to add meto your messenger contacts : [email protected]

waiting your reply..

best wishes
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Old Dec 18, 2008, 7:36 PM   #6
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Hey there, Shoukry! If you find out that that the XS10 IS doesn't have this capability and you don't want to risk firmware hacks, check out this link:


This is a stand-alone intervalometer that works with many cameras. The website says:

The Time Machine has several ways to take pictures:
    The Time Machine works equally well with film or digital cameras. Common cameras used are Nikon SLRs, Nikon Coolpix, Canon SLRs and Digital Rebel, Sony, Olympus, Pentax, and many others. If you want to know if the Time Machine will work with your camera, send us an email.

    Good luck, my man!

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    Old Dec 18, 2008, 8:53 PM   #7
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    hi Grant ..

    i've just checked the page of time machine ..

    oh it's really magic machine .. please inform me if it can be work with

    Canon Powershot SX10 IS

    i hope it's suitable model ..

    thank you so much .. it's totaly new idea to me ..

    see you soon ..

    if you like to send me anything more ,my email is : [email protected]

    see your reply soon
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    Old Dec 19, 2008, 8:37 AM   #8
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    It is unlikely, but theoretically possible, for CHDK commands to damage a camera but to date there have been NO reports of such damage occurring. Developers are careful to avoid such commands as "focusing beyond extremes", for example, and all resulting programs are well tested before release to end users like myself. It's a non-problem.

    The new operating programs are added to the camera's memory card and do not effect the original firmware in any way. Upon powering up the camera comes on in the regular Canon mode. CHDK mode is selected with one of the camera buttons...you can easily toggle back and forth.

    In addition to the time lapse programs I am also experimenting with the motion detection programs which allow the camera to take a shot when motion is detected in the image, such as birds at the feeder or lightning flashes. Take a look at this FAQ for more on what CHDK can do:

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