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Default PLEASE help a beginner!

I have bought a Canon Powershot SX150 IS camera. I am in NO WAY a photographer...well, not with any understanding of the lingo, so to speak. Although I do think I have a nice "eye" for shots

ALL I WANT TO DO is take quality action photos! Almost every photo I take is of the horses--doing stuff horses do But I get better shots out of my darn iPhone, than I can with this Canon! Everything is blurry, not to mention it's so slow to take a photo and I miss a lot of opportunities because of it. I promise, I have read the manual and will continue to do so, but there is so much information, I feel overwhelmed and confused.

If you have my camera and you're real savvy with it, I must ask: how would you set it up, if you were at a rodeo? That's just an example, but everyone can imagine the action involved. And is there a way to "speed up" the shooting process? Because for me it's like click--pause--pause--pause--okay, not you can shoot again. Why is it so slow?! The horse is at the end of the arena, by the time my camera will allow me to shoot again I disabled the automatic viewing of the photos and I thought that would help, but it did not really make much of a difference. I feel so discouraged and frustrated!

How is it possible that my iPhone will consistently produce superior photos than this camera?

Very lost
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The problem you may have with the "blurring" is too low a shutter speed.
Most "auto" modes don't yield enough shutter speeds for action- not even sports modes..!
You could try using Tv (shutter priority) and setting a minimum of 1/320th sec (more if you're in really good light) and use in tandem with Auto iso,which will "gain up" automatically to obtain correct exposure.
As for processing times- well,I'm afraid the SX150 is quite slow with regards processing times and there's very little you can do about it. You've made the right move in switching off the image review- maybe you could also use a faster SD card- a class 10 might help- though I'd be a little hesitant to purchase one as the SX150 is notoriously slow and you might be wasting some money..!!
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Default Thank you

Simon--thank you for the response. I will try this and I hope that it helps! In regards to the slow processing...I should have read reviews before purchasing a camera, as I don't know if I can deal with this or not...might have to try and sell it for another figures. This has really bummed me out today.
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Megan, you may be able to return it. I just returned a Power Shot SX 500 IS that I was unhappy with, for a full refund. I had 30 days to return....
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